Gunpla (and other plastic models)


Can’t go wrong with the HG RX-78 Revive:


Anything HG (High Grade) They’re inexpensive while still maintaining everything I like about gunpla. No need to paint most of them, lots of points of articulation, simple to put together.

If you have a favorite Mobile Suit from a series, try and pick that up! Otherwise I reckon HG Zaku IIs are a really good starting point that are cheap, really good models and are easy to build.


Pick a suit that you like. I went straight for MG Sandrock Custom, and have no regrets. However, I am now stuck with a love of 1/100 scale over the much wider 1/144 scale. Maybe start some HG so you don’t feel compelled to only get 1/100 scale stuff. I can also say the IBO no grade 1/100 scale stuff is pretty great, but I do wish the Barbatos Ver 1 had the Mace.


There was a new Gundam Build Fighters project announced so that naturally means new kits!

Here’s the Ninpulse Gundam:


Rearranged my shelves a bit and ended up getting shots of my whole collection since the lighting was good for once.

[details=Mucho Images]



Are those all Lego Bionicle and Star Wars Lego stuff? Looks cool!


So LEGO released basically the Best Thing™ for their Star Wars anniversary celebrations:

Some pics of them built on my still-rubbish kindle camera:

There’s also an Imperial Stormtrooper I need to pick up. Amazing that it took so long to get to thme, but I guess they didn’t want them cannibalising the sales of the First Order troopers they launched the line with.


You should check out the Bandai Star Wars kits! They are fire!

I love my X-Wing, and it was a fairly simple build!


I recently finished the HG Atlas Gundam and I’m pretty happy with the results. It definitely took a bit more time than most of the other high grades I’ve built, but it was totally worth it.


They do look cool! But personally I’m more into the designs of the LEGO stuff because of the way they use existing parts in a variety of ways to achieve the look, rather than every part being specifically made to be exactly like the model’s counterpart. I do love that in it’s own way, but the LEGO ones have a unique aesthetic of their own which a huge plus for me personally. I’m all about mechanical design.


How is that kit? I’ve been liking the designs on this season of Thunderbolt way more than the last one. I dunno whether to get the HG or hold out for the eventual MG release though.


There are a couple parts that are a little odd, like the white part of the knees which doesn’t snap in at all, so it doesn’t feel secure (although I’ve never had it fall out), and I can’t seem to get the top of the shoulders to sit right (they open up for the beam sabers), but it’s a pretty solid kit overall. I was also tempted to hold out for an MG, but I decided to just go for it since I hadn’t picked up a new kit in a while.


Everyone shut up

Shut up Lutz

Bandai is putting out a Perfect Grade 1/72 Millennium Falcon


Holy shit. I want this so, so badly.


I don’t know if anyone has seen the Guernica Gelgoog going around twitter, but I can’t get it out of my head…


Am bumpin’ this thread so I can gush about the new Star Wars Last Jedi Buildable Figures because they are GOOD AS HELL.

Chewie looks HUGE, probably even bigger than K2SO, who’s the biggest one outside of General Greivous who’s in a league of his own. I’m also super glad there’s another Rey figure becuase her first run wasn’t great. I did a whole twitter thread on how much better this new one is so ima just post that:

There’s also another pair coming after Last Jedi hits, or at least I would guess that’s when they’re coming as one of them is a new design from that movie. I won’t post that one since spoilers and all, but I dig it a LOT because it works so god dman well as a Buildable Figure, it looks like a Glatorian. The other one is a First Order TIE Pilot and it looks Chunky and Brill.

And to top all this rad stuff off, I’ve heard tell that Boba Fett is planned for next year. He’s the one I’ve been wanting most from this toy line, and with the rate these things have been getting better I bet he’ll look absolutely BELTING. Great fun to have next to his Dad. I might even end up ordeirng more parts to try and update Jango to be in line with whatever changes they make for Boba.



this little idiot is a lot of fun


allow me to introduce: my son

this is my first build!! petitgguy turned out to be a good choice for a newbie bc like, he’s super super simple

there’s a couple bits on seams that look a little gnarly where i had to file off the nubby bits, i have some spray topcoat kicking around somewhere but its general-purpose not stuff for models specifically so i wasnt sure if i wanted to use it

edit: is anyone else in this thread based in the uk btw? i’ve been lookin around for good places to find paints like in a brick-and-mortar store so i can see em in person but i think near me my options might be limited to like. games workshop or hobbycraft
i’m close-ish to london so if any of u know good places there that’d be especially helpful


What a nice son you have there.

You can test paints and top coats on the runners to see if they work before spraying them on the model proper. Keep in mind, topcoat before decals if you want to put any on.

Oops bump.
To add to the discussion, I’m currently debating what my next model should be. I refuse to buy any gunpla below PG (unless it’s a special event kit) because I live in a tiny Japanese apartment now, but the Bandai 1/12 Stormtrooper looks mighty fine and it’s not technically a gundam.

On the other hand, The PG Zaku II is really cheap on Japanese Amazon right now but there’s a 5000 yen difference in price between the two kits. Anyone have any experience with the Star Wars character kits?


So I started looking into Gunpla models this year. Like working on them so far. Messed up a sticker on my first one, Wing Gundam, but Char’s Zaku II went well. Both where 1/144 models. Looking at getting some stands and a couple more to work on. I sould post pic…

Wondering if anyone has advise for painting on models, either these or other figs like for DnD sized. I want to start painting soon since I got a custom DnD fig earlier this year. Also has anyone seen a build model of the Gurren Lagann?