Gunpla (and other plastic models)


I hear you! The stickers and decals are tough. I think it’s just a case of practice and finding a way to stabilize the piece.


I’ve actually found a toothpick works better for me. You get the sticker on the end of it then gently lay it into place then poke it till it’s perfect.


This might be overkill, but there are tools called Micro Stix, they’re packs of little plastic sticks with semi-adhesive dots on the end.

A jewel picker would also work. If you have a craft store near you, check out their jewelry-making section, should be about $5.


Just gonna echo the need to practice stabilizing your hand. As for having them stay on - spray a topcoat! Using a matte topcoat on an unpainted model makes a ton of difference in its appearance and will have the added benefit of sealing your stickers on the model.


Thanks for the tips! Keeping my hand steady is really the biggest issue, I think. I’ll certainly give the toothpick idea a go and see if that works a bit better. I did just pick up some topcoat the other day, but haven’t gotten around to using it yet so I guess that hadn’t occurred to me as far as sticker sealing.


So, I’m also just starting to get into gunpla and recently bought a HG Orphans Gundam Barbatos. I just want to be sure of a couple things before I start tearing into the package:

  1. These models just snap together, right? There shouldn’t be a need for any type of glue?

  2. While I’m not planning on it for this build, if I do end up wanting to try my hand at painting, is there a particular brand of model paint that is preferable? My only other experience with painting has been the handful of times I’ve tried Warhammer models which…did not go well.


Yup they just snap together!! No need for glue, unless you’re as clumsy as I am and accidentally break a piece.

I’ll let someone else suggest paints though. I don’t paint models myself, so I don’t really know which paints are better or worse or what.


I’ve used both Tamiya TS spray cans and Mr. Color spray cans for painting, as well as Tamiya acrylic paints for some hand painting of details. No airbrush experience (yet) though.


Excellent, thanks for the help! Well, here goes nothing. I’ll post some pics of the finished model when I get done with it.


Just finished snapping, panel lining, and top coating the RG RX-78-2. I put on a few of the stickers but definitely not all of them. I’m going to do a fully painted kit next. Looking forward to the experience!


Nice job! The RG RX-78 is great except for the way the components just fly off the body if you even breathe on it funny.


Thanks. I ended up using some superglue to make the ball joints on the hip armor a bit bigger and mashing some sticky tack into a few spots to try and make it a bit more stable. I think I want to pick up the One Year War MG version now.


Tonight I assembled my first gunpla. I’m happy with how it turned out and am planning to do panel lining later on in the week.


Nice! That suit’s got a pretty strong design, it looks great even without the panel lines.


So, I first waded in here back in January with the full intention of going deep into Gunpla. Unfortunately life got in the way, but seven months later, I finally finished my first model–the RX-78-2. I did have a Barbatos model sitting around in the box, but figured I’d start with the most recognizable model first. :smiley:

Turned out pretty good, imo–didn’t get too may hangy bits from the sprue and didn’t break anything. Next step is to make that Barbatos and then maybe get into painting one of these.


Nice! Post up the Barbatos when you finish it!


I dipped my toes into the gunpla pool last year when I bought HGUC RX-78-2 (which was really cool) and then HG 1/144 MS-06S (which I didn’t like as much).

Over the weekend I bought and put together a RG RX-178 MKII AEUG which was the most complex one so far and posed some challenge in some areas. I never bought a model kit with snippers so it there were plenty of parts that were annoying. I also never finished putting on all the stickers but I may go back and do that eventually.

Now I just bought two more sets. First, a RG version of the RX-78-2 as an upgrade to my HG version. And then also bought a MG RX-78 (Origins version). And I know I’m basically buying the same gundam over and over but it’s the one I like so I’m gonna collect them all. I also bought a model maker kit with tweezers, snippers, etc etc. That’ll be my project for the weekend.

Some pics!


I got and finished the HG RX-78-2 this weekend and not gonna lie…didn’t love it. It feels way more fragile than the RX-178 MKII. Arms and legs and loose and the pegs that fit into the sockets aren’t super secure. Also the shoulder pauldrons just kinda sit inbetween the arm and the shoulder socket and it wiggles around. On the RX-178, the pauldron clips onto the shoulder separately and feels more secure. And I don’t think it’s because I didn’t shore up the connections or anything. I made fairly clean cuts of the pieces and made sure they’re all lined up well. Having a legit set of snippers and tweezers for stickers makes the whole process much easier.

It looks good though.


hi again

finally got and finished up the MG 1/100 RX-78-02 The Origin kit. Much better than the RG RX-78-2 which falls apart at the slightest thought of movement.

My little mecha shrine including the Voltron Lego set from a few weeks back which is lovely.


God I love Turn A Gundam so much! Nice work.