.hack//G.U. Last Recode, have you played it?

I really liked the show, curious how the game is but haven’t heard a word about it.


I haven’t got my grubby mitts on it yet but it seems like they tuned up the exp gain rate so people could get to the new content quicker.

I haven’t. Don’t remind me. Ugh. I really do want to get and play it though. I mean, my display name on Twitter has only been a dot hack reference for… A very long time now.

But I am worried that nostalgia will have tainted the property for me and my memories of it might end up being better than what I remember that game being.

If anyone wants to report back and let me know its still good that’d be amazing.

I played the series on PS2 and want to replay it, but I let my friend borrow my copy of volume 1 eight years ago and never got it back :sob:
If only I had enough money I would be on top of this so fast

I played the original four dot hack games on PS2, but GU never came out in the UK so I’ve always wanted to play it and was gutted back in the day after anticipating it then never getting to play it. It’s probably been a good decade since I read/watched/played anything .hack so super looking forward to get back into it.

Really liked the original four games (before GU) though, despite their flaws. Sadly had to sell them when I was unemployed and they’d be so expensive to buy back, so I’m hoping this will be cool. Wasn’t as keen on the darker style of the GU anime (at least from what I remember) but still looking forward to getting round to it. :slight_smile:

for sure GU is darker than the first .hack series, but the games aren’t as dark as the anime. The anime mostly takes place before the events of the first game, and their characterization of Haseo during his reign as a PKK is… a lot goofier than I feel it was addressed in the games.

GOD just talking about this game makes me want to play it again!! I’m so bummed that I lent out such a rare game and never got it back.

Me and my sister were so annoyed that it didn’t get released in Europe, we got our Dad to import it from the US and learned how to force a PS2 to play other region’s games. I remember loving it even if I had gameplay issues, even at the time. I look forward to seeing it again (though it won’t be until Christmas).

If you’ve seen .hack//Roots, be prepared for the games to brush aside most of the characters. Seeing Roots is definitely not required and, in fact, being too attached to it may cause a disconnect with the portrayal of Haseo early on in the game. I had seen Roots before playing and found the lack of follow-through a little disappointing. Plus, it was hard to care for possible romatic tones between Haseo and characters in GU when I already had a built-up investment in the character of Shino. My sister played GU first (not having seen Roots) and has a much fonder appreciation for the game’s story (even though I was younger, so I probably have more nostalgia for it).

I remember when the first advertisements were coming out for their original release on PS2, but then for some reason either I forgot when it was coming out or I simply couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m thrilled they’ve rereleased them and want to grab this at some point.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like this series of games kind of got a low production run, sorta like Xenoblade Chronicles or something.

I finished up the main story of Vol 3 yesterday, working on the post-game dungeon now. I loved these games back when they came out despite the writing being goofy nonsense, but never replayed them because I gave them to a friend, so I was really psyched to find out about Last Recode. Playing all of them at once really highlights how much content was recycled and how shallow the combat is, but it manages to make the experience fun regardless. The out-of-game stuff like the forums is super interesting as worldbuilding, and there’s Endrance, still one of my favourite mentally ill queer characters in a mainstream Japanese RPG.

It’s $10 below full price, so I’d say it’s well worth it for anyone who wants to revisit the series or check it out for the first time.

god despite being an enormous .hack fan back in the day I never ended up getting round to GU and I’ve been wondering if it’s worth it cus I went through SIGN again recently and it really got me back in that space

I spent a big chunk of last year hunting down all of the .hack// games. I haven’t picked this up yet mainly because there are item bonuses you get for having played through the earlier.hack series, and I want to know if those are present in this game in some form or another.

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They made the combat in this remaster much easier, to the point where I got so overpowered early on in Vol 1 I was one shot killing bosses in the main story missions. It’s a shame really because I enjoy the fake MMO aspect of the .hack// games. Reading the message boards, the news sections, e-mails etc. But I also need the Action RPG part to be somewhat challenging and engaging.

Finishing Vol 1 did make me want to go back to the original project .hack// (IMOQ) games on the PS2 because I remember really loving those.

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I’m actually very glad to hear they’ve made it easier. A game like this, which I would have had more time for grinding in as a teenager, is just not something I’m interested in investing a massive amount of time into as an adult. So if I can get over powered and just progress through the story that actually sounds pretty great.

Although, I get why it wouldn’t be ideal under certain circumstances. Especially if you want it to more closely mirror MMO grind.

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That’s fair. I totally get that people are just interested in the story of these games. What’s weird though is that the games already provide something called Cheat Mode, which is basically for players who just want to get the story and not worry about the combat part. So why they decided to then also dumb down the regular difficulty is what confuses me so. If they just added a Hard Mode or something that would be fine.

Now that I’ve finished, my recommendation is a little different: probably give it a pass if you already have access to the original games. The new volume is very short and doesn’t offer anything you can’t get just watching a video.

The main thing I remember about GU was the gay marriage scene

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I still wish the scene had been a little more affirming. It was something that Haseo initiated, then he shows up to their wedding and seems embarrassed? Which I am totally down to pin on queerphobia from writers, especially after watching the Ovan wedding today, which is much worse. But I happened to find a redraw on Tumblr today that scratched that itch nicely. :slight_smile:

the game is impossible to find. I don’t remember how I got a hold of volume 1 (making it all the more frustrating to me that I lent it out and never got it back!), but it took me three years to get all three volumes and none of them were in the original packaging. My copy of volume 3 came in a jewel case with a faded print-out of the Japanese cover lol

the level-up system in that game is so messed up lol, even in the original. I reached max level in volume 1 about halfway through, and ended up one-shotting all the story bosses.