Hades, an action RPG by Supergiant games

I do not know what this game is but it is by Supergiant so I bought it

Let’s talk about it!

While it installs I will add that it appears to be an isometric game in the action genre with the art you expect from Supergiant. It’s also only available from the EPIC games store at the moment and is in early access

The store page for it is here:

And the trailer here:


There is a No Clip documentary series about the ongoing making of Hades with the first episode linked here!:


As much as I’m always down for a Supergiant game, a couple things kinda put me off:

  1. you play as a dude. A sardonic white-looking dude at that.

  2. gameplay seems to be fairly close to Bastion, and I had been really glad to see something different explored in each of their games thus far

  3. can’t tell yet if they are doing anything interesting with the otherwise relatively familiar ground of Greek myth. I’ve loved their original worlds so it feels weird to see them cover something so… established.

Regardless, I eagerly await a proper console release of this game because they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.


I love Supergiant and I am super excited for this but I’ll probably end up waiting until it comes out on consoles.

Yeah, I kind of had the same response. But at the same time, that’s why I’m interested. Supergiant has made pretty incredible titles, so seeing their making an action rogue-lite, my immediate response was wondering, “What are they gonna do to shake it up?”

No idea if it’ll actually be good, though. So far, I’ve seen nothing worth writing home about. It honestly looks… kind of dull.

Here’s a vid tho

I’ve played this for about two hours. Combat feels good and like there are going to be interesting synergies later on and as they build it our. I really like the bow. I like the sword less.

He’s definitely a sardonic white dude but it’s played sincerely. He has moments where he comes off as such a spoiled jerk and moments where he’s really relatable and I think they’ve walked that balance well. Had a moment where he said something and my response was “ugh, you’re such a little shit” and sympathy in equal parts.

Hades’ (his father) portrayal has nuance in terms of how and why he’s a jerk, as does the premise so far of the Olympian gods trying to help you sneak out from Hades’ realm. Lots of family drama. Run specific upgrades are based around this conceit.

Music is as good as you’d expect. Art design has detail, depth, and range. enemy encounters are varied your limited hp pool and lack of healing (at least so far) make things feel tense.

I am extremely interested to see how this game develops. Right now it’s a slightly floaty Dead Cells (in structure not feel) X the ARPG parts of transistor and I’m here for it.


I’m so fucking excited about this game and the fact that I don’t have $20 to spend on it is literally killing me. I definitely get some skepticism going in, but I’ve always loved Supergiant games. They all have great art and excellent music, and I’ve always found an aspect of them to enjoy. With Bastion, it was the story and gameplay. With Transistor, it was the combat. With Pyre it was the story and the message, but also the fact that it made playing a simple sports game actually feel fun.

I’m not very good at videos game, and that’s pretty much exactly why I like roguelikes. I love a game where death happens so often that it doesn’t even matter, and the fact that one of my favorite devs is trying their hand at the genre pleases me greatly. The protag seems kind of stale in this video game climate, but honestly? Dude who has an overbearing father and is trying to escape a nightmare hellscape that is literally killing him with every try? I’m good with it. Sometimes characters that are little fucking terrors can be fun!

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Literally less than 24 hours ago I was complaining to a friend about how I didn’t want to have to manage yet another launcher on my PC. As soon as I saw that this was only on the Epic launcher I went to their website and started the download. This game plus Ashen and Journey completely changed my mind about the Epic launcher. If they can keep up this level of quality curation, we might finally have a Steam killer!

I really love Transistor and Pyre, and I’ve been itching for a new rougelite since I was disappointed by Dead Cell’s final release. I’ll probably pick it up later once my paycheck clears.

I def agree that the protagonist seems kind of out of place in a Supergiant game, but they’ve more than earned my goodwill in the past.


My thoughts on this so far:

It is very early but a very good base to expand on. They need to tighten up the combat a bit, though it already feels good it’s just not quite where it needs to be with this much of a focus on combat.

The narrative elements so far are quite good though also a bit sparse but come at a pretty damn good clip so far. It isn’t breaking the mold on Greek myth thus far by any means but the art is far more than the bland neoclassicism you get out of most Greek themed games and has a surprising amount of verity in the one tileset that is in the game right now

My main complaints thus far are that that the design of Aphrodite is a bit much in the way her portrayal always is, and the fact that you can save up to buy a poster of her for your bedroom is more than a bit :thinking:. It feels like they played Neir: Subtitle and took all the wrong lessons about character design. Which is to say any lessons from it. Also the update schedule for it seems a bit slow but I suspect that has far more to do with me wanting to play more of it sooner than it does anything to do with reality of both game development and the linear progress of time

All in all I would wait about six months before picking it up so that it has a bit more to it but it’s already damn good so by all means give it a purchase. Just now this one is going to be something of a long haul in early access

Also Cerberus is a good dog

I can’t help but feel like this game is somehow beneath Supergiant, if that’s a thing. All their games so far have been these incredibly creative mix-ups on genres with totally unique styles. Transistor is a tactical RPG in real time, Pyre is a sports combat combat, you know what I mean. There’s a ton of ambition behind them.

And instead what they make is this oddly standard-looking game with a shithead white boy protagonist with a lot of marketing buzzwords like “rogue lite”. Combat looks fine but just fine.

I dunno, maybe Supergiant needed to make something like this so that they didn’t have to live up to impossible expectations all the time.


I don’t mind using a new launcher, especially when I know that devs are getting a bigger cut of my money, but the Epic store seems pretty weak right now in terms of features. I don’t expect all the ancillary stuff Steam has added over the years, but basic storefront stuff like a wishlist, listing game genres/features (e.g. multiplayer, controller support), refunds, or having a damn search bar? Those are pretty important.

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I agree a lot with some of the sentiments echoed here. I have not played the game yet, but the pitch for it definitely disappointed me.

I remember liking Bastion a whole lot when it came out. I replayed it recently and enjoyed it still, but I could see where the team’s talent was still growing. Transistor was awesome because it took their storytelling and sense of style and went in interesting directions mechanically. It was a little more courageous, a little more mold-breaking than Bastion was.

Pyre was, in my mind, the product of Supergiant banking on their reputation and confidence as creators to make something totally unique and unexpected. They trusted in the faith of their fans to give it a chance. Pyre is far and away my favorite game they’ve made because of the pathos of its storytelling and the sheer creativity of its world and art. The sports game part is great even just because it feeds into the tension of the narrative, but also because it’s such a playground for interesting design ideas. Even though it was well-received critically, Pyre didn’t really seem like it generated a lot of buzz. You could probably chalk it up to indie market saturation increasing since Transistor, but I suspect a lot of folks were just turned away by its departure from ARPG gameplay.

Hades seems like a return to form, but in a disappointing way. The promotional material for it even says “from the creators of Bastion and Transistor” with no mention of Pyre. I would have loved for their followup to Pyre to be even more bizarre and creative, but it feels like a collection of tried-and-true or popular elements (roguelite, greek myth, ARPG). Glad Darren Korb is getting to do a more rock/metal soundtrack though, because in interviews he talks about how much fun he had composing the theme for the Dissidents in Pyre.


Man I think this game looks gorgeous. I know the protagonist being a white boy is off putting but nothing about the art otherwise makes me think “generic,” it looks so much like their style - great colors, all the character designs are so dynamic, it just looks like a supergiant game in the best possible way. It gives me a lot of hope that this thing will be as cool as everything else - I think each game has been better than the last, at least in terms of “wow this is so well made and so well done.”

I should amend this by saying I haven’t seen what Aphrodite looks like which was mentioned up thread.


Well. The economic realities for smaller studios are pretty harsh. I don’t know if Pyre sold enough copies to be worth the investment. Steamspy thinks it sold 200k -> 500k which could put it as little 1/10 as many sales as Transistor (estimated at 1-2 million copies).

Between granting an exclusive to Epic, launching in early access, not porting Pyre to iOS or switch, and seemingly going backward on the creativity front, I wouldn’t be surprised if these moves signal that they are a bit hurting for cash.

I mostly want to play this on my switch, but I’m a huge Supergiant fan, so I am considering going through the hell of yet another installer, and getting the early access verison.


Yeah, I suspect you’re right! I wasn’t meaning to be judgmental about it or accuse them of “selling out”. Pyre’s likely under-performance is something that really disappointed me because I hoped there were more folks like me who’d take a chance on it because of the quality of the studio’s prior work.

I usually avoid early access games, especially procgen games, because I often won’t get back into them when they fully launch (was glad I waited on Dead Cells, for example). But I feel like I might opt for supporting the studio and being here for it, in the hopes that Hades does well and gives them more freedom in the future. I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it, anyway!


Huge apologies if I came across as calling you out! I didn’t perceive any judgement or harshness on your part at all, I was more trying to build on your good insight that maybe there’s some good reasons why they went back to a more typical ARPG formula.


I think the assessment that Pyre might not have been as much of a success as they’d hoped is probably a correct one. I’m in the camp that finds it a bit disappointing to that Hades is so “safe” in its return to established mechanical design, but I get it. Gotta pay those bills. Hopefully it’s not too safe.

At the same time, if you showed me that trailer and told me it was by a new studio I’d be like “hell yeah Greek mythology rogue-like and it looks and sounds like that?! I’m in”, so you know. The fact Hades might only be “a very good game” instead of “one of my favourite games ever” isn’t going to put me off.

Besides, I’m actually super interested in whether they end up doing some neat procedural narrative stuff with this given how well that worked out in Pyre.


I’m not usually one for speculating on the business side of things but this does feel like the sort of release a company would do if they were in a bit of trouble? It doesn’t feel that long since Pyre, and I agree with others in feeling like it didn’t achieve the notoriety that Transistor and especially Bastion had. With a team of around a dozen people last time I checked this doesn’t seem like something they could afford to just do on the side while they work on their next big thing, but more of a gamble. Something about it just feels off and lacks that bizarre, stylish punch every other release from them had (Transistor is still by far one of the best looking/sounding games of the last decade don’t @ me)


It’s definitely a safe game for their studio, but honestly? I don’t think there’s any shame in that as long as the team is having fun with what they’re building. As much as we’d all like to pretend that creating something always has to be creating something new, that’s not always how it’s gonna be. I feel like criticizing this game as a safe bet that they’re only putting out because they need the money is doing a serious disservice to the people who are working hard on the art, music and programming.

I’m gonna pull back and mute this thread now, b/c I wanna continue to be excited for this game since I won’t have it for a while.


Doing my best to push down defensive fanboyish behavior in myself (because fuck that)

SGG are my favorite games studio and im just as excited for this as i was for their other titles.
I kinda share the sentiment of not liking the sarcastic white dude protag but the performance feels very genuine and knowing, and fro mwhat interactions ive seen with the other people in his home who he cares about he is also kind and even empathetic. as well as it seeming a little safe considering they just made a visual novel nba jam but maybe we should wait and see?

it wouldn’t be like SG to go all the way along the safe route with something they make, they’ve surprised us before why not have some faith that they’ll surprise us again, since things are still feature early theirs still plenty of time for the added twist or punch. the combat depth looks as if its going to turn up to 11 just like it did in transistor.

i mean worst that happens is we get a gorgeous above average rouge lite ala dead cells and im more than cool with that.


I just beat the first boss, who is probably my favorite new character in games (Seriously, she’s amazing). This game is good, y’all. I’m super excited to see where it goes and how it develops.