Hades, an action RPG by Supergiant games

Thank you that’s helpful! I generally go for boons, but I always try to power up my cast at least.

It depends on what boons I have and what tier they are, but most of the time you want to go for the boons. Poms are pretty ineffective on basic boons, but as the tiers go up you start getting a bigger improvement for each level up.

Assuming you have a build that’s focused on 1-3 gods most of the time you’re better off getting more boons because the second-order boons that require previously unlocked boons tend to help refine your playstyle or make it more effective. Plus you’re always getting the chance of a legendary or duo boon which can be a massive game-changer.

I wouldn’t go for a pom room unless my other choices were darkness or keys, but if you’re got cash to burn it doesn’t hurt to grab them from Charon.

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Got my first clear on my 22nd run. It really helped that I was absolutely soaked in boons and high level ones by the end. But also I finally could see through Theseus’ pattern. And I had some long range tricks to safely clear out the poison rats in Styx.

Met Hades with all three rereses, only needed one to finish him. Winning build:[


I got that Exclusive Access boon in Tartarus on one run, and it was powerful to go through three more areas getting exclusively Epic (or higher) boons.


Which pair is Exclusive Access?

Dionysus and Poseidon. :wine_glass: :ocean:


This game shreds an incredible amount. So much good to say about it but it’s mostly been said already! I’ve gotten the fights down well, gotten two clears in a row with different weapons/builds. Now I’m really focusing in on building relationships and it’s rewarding. Kinda pissed at Skelly for persuading me to spend resources in a way I didn’t want to, but he’s grown on me since then!

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I recently got 3 clears in a row (and the combo breaker was super close as well), two of which were entirely due to powerful Doom on my attack and 4 Dashes. One of these I finished with all 4 Death Defiance still up as well!

And that’s credits! Gosh, what a game, what an “ending”

I’ll probably keep playing this for quite a while longer, which I never do!

Hidden aspect spoiler:

This was actually the first run of me trying out the hidden aspect of Exagryph, with the “infinite ammo” upgrade and Poseidon’s knockback on the attack. It completely trivialized many encounters, especially the satyr paths! I just kept hosing everyone into the walls, nothing they could do about it :smiley:

Final run spoiler:

I was extremely sure I wouldn’t be able to beat Hades with the build I had, and I was already down to my last Death defiance (I accidentally started the run with the tooth as well so I didn’t have it anymore). Guess I’ll never find out! :smiley:

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there’s more story after the credits, I believe, for repeated play. It’s one reason I stopped playing long before credits - I’d already spent ~130 runs on getting 1/3 of the way to credits, and was definitely going to burn out and stop caring before I got to “finishing” the story.

Yeah, I’ve been playing well beyond the credits and still have characters whose relationships I can’t advance.