Hades, an action RPG by Supergiant games


Is there any indication of this coming to any more consoles beyond Xbox and PC?


This game kinda reminds me of a Lucas Pope quote that I heard a few years ago in an interview. He basically said something to the effect of, “there’s something to be said of following up Papers, Please with a shitty game because it might reset expectations.”

Hades is almost certainly not a “shitty game” (note: I haven’t even played it yet), but damn Pyre was extremely ambitious, wasn’t it?


The FAQ suggests itll come to more platforms after early access, sgg have been pretty great about ports so it’s safe to assume it’ll wind up most places eventually


Eagerly awaiting Hades’ arrival on Vita.


I reeeeally want to play this, but it keeps freezing in the training room, for me, so I can’t get into my next run.

Updating my video drivers and praying


aaah that sounds scary! goodluck i hope you can get it working! if not submitting a report on the supergiant discord group is an option, they have a specific section for tech support and are very responsive


Using Nvidia card? I found that the game was only using the CPU and not the GPU to process things, so when I did that change a lot got better. I also had to roll back the drivers to the one released in November in order to get it to fully work.


I wanted to follow up on my earlier whining about Hades being a safe concept with a relatively over-explored mythological setting.

I picked it up, and played an hour or so of it. The voice acting and the character relationship elements do a lot to mitigate the bland premise, and it certainly is fun to play. It reminds me a lot of Dead Cells from a pacing perspective, which is great. The idea of building character relationships in between (and during) runs is brilliant, and feels like a “why has nobody done this before” kind of idea (if someone has, I apologize - I don’t play many roguelites).

I’m still a little disappointed in the whole “Hades is a bad guy and all the other gods are ‘good’ more or less” implication, but the game has a lot of room still to subvert that. Hades being the de facto villain in a story about greek gods is a tired trope, but he at least seems to have some character depth to explore as the game goes on.

Overall, I’m a little softer on Hades now that I’ve played it. I still think the pitch is disappointing compared to the sheer creativity and ambition of Pyre, and even Transistor, but I absolutely do not begrudge Supergiant their right to make something with more marketable premise and mechanics, especially if it helps let them continue to hone their craft. I can already see that they’re still bringing a lot of creativity to it, which is heartening.


I watched Giant Bomb play a bit of it, and decided to pick it up myself. Like a lot of you, Pyre was one of my favorite games last year so I was a bit disappointed at them making a pretty traditional sounding game. Then I played it for 2 and half hours straight…

This game oozes all the personality and charm of their other games. It looks and plays pretty polished for an early access game. There’s even a fair bit of narrative between runs. Which you’ll encounter frequently if you’re bad at games and die a lot.

The game didn’t really click with me mechanically until I unlocked the shield. Even then I may switch to keyboard and mouse, even though there’s not really precise aiming. With it being similar-ish to Bastion, I do hope to see some Bastion-inspired weapons or references.

The game definitely has the “just one more run” and “every run counts even a little bit” thing down pretty well already. Unless you’re dying in the first room, you should at least make small process on some permanent upgrades. You can even respec the ones from the mirror eventually.

I just wish it didn’t have lack of healing like a lot of these games have. Occasionally you can get healing in shops or from drops, but it’s rare.

Either way, it certainly has potential!


Where? I can’t find it on YT or Twitch.


It was on their last episode of UPF.


Transistor and Pyre are both a little too “smart” for their own good. Transistor utterly rejects traditional storytelling and narrative beats, while having one of the most deceptively complex combat systems of most action games.

Pyre is a single-player fantasy sports game visual novel. They programmed the end credits song lyrics to change based on the standing of every main cast member. It is an unbelievable labor of love and passion from the team, but it’s so offbeat and unlike everything else (also it drags a lot during the end) that most people weren’t sure what to think of it.

I’d love to live in a world where every creator could safely spend infinity time to create the game they genuinely want to make. But after two genre-bending and super risky works of art, I am 100% cool with them choosing to do a safe business choice to stay financially solvent.

I’ll pick this up later tonight and probably wait until it’s feature-complete before trying it.


I’ve played more of this and it’s really good. I’m regularly getting to the 1st boss, and have a decent understanding of the upgrades.

The shield is real strong and certainly my preferred weapon, but it also feels a bit like “easy mode”. Like, “use this to get a feel for the game.” So it’s odd that it’s the 2nd unlockable weapon. Having both a ranged attack, a way to avoid damage, and a way to pierce through multiple enemies… I fear it may be nerfed through out development.
I want to try out the spear more. It was pretty fun from what I played.
It’s also extremely cool that they have a small benefit to trying out different weapons. Basically each run, one of the weapons you haven’t used in the previous run will have a purple aura. Those weapons will give you 10% more Darkness for that run. Usually it’s only 1 more or so, but it’s not nothing! I hope they add more stuff like that. Even if it’s just stuff like life leech, damage, or coin find.

The permanent upgrade system is real rad too. It’s actually really great that it’s not stuff like direct damage or health up. It makes the runs more about teaching you to play more effectively than just brute forcing it, while still giving some pretty helpful assistance. “Oh, I should be dodging more” and “oh, I should try to get behind them.” etc. Though having more ammo can make the game pretty easy depending on the upgrades you get for your shot.

One thing I’m not really sold on is the upgrades that are like “+1%”. There’s a gift that gives you a 1% chance of finding healing items in pots and… I think I’d rather have save up to 200 gold each run. Sure there’s like 50 pots in each room, but unless the RNG is actually “You WILL find something every 100 pots you break” then I don’t think it’s worth it.


I gave the game a shot after hearing that it was more-or-less a full, polished game just lacking a few features. The roguelite fundamentals are really solid here, the only setback being that the isometric perspective can make it difficult to accurately gauge where attacks are going to hit.

The game’s real strength is definitely in the writing, it’s got every other roguelike beat in terms of character development and overall personality. The dynamic of having Zagreus rib at and comment on Logan Cunningham’s narration, including a moment where they accidentally give away a major twist early on, is a great bit of self-awareness from Supergiant of their own creative habits.


SO! Apparently the folks over at No Clip are basically doing a "Building The Bastion" 2 with Hades.
They’ll be creating a documentary series showcasing the development of this game. Sounds pretty rad!


I actually think after playing it that it’s a lot more natural a progression than it seems.
If you’ve played supergiant stuff before, you can definitely feel where they learned lessons in the combat. This game feels like them taking all of the action game lessons they learned in previous games and applying them. Whether or not you feel that makes for a good game is up to you. But I don’t think it’s a strange place for them to go.

When I think of Supergiant, I think good art direction, good music, and narrative that unfolds piecemeal as you interact with different systems. So far, this seems to have all of the things.


I’ll admit it struck me as having a “we need to put something out now” vibe to it.
I remember seeing Pyre advertised on the Plastation store over a year before it was released. And now we’re a bit over a year from Pyre and they surprise launched this. I’m really really hoping they turn it into something cool.

As of right now I’m wrestling with the fact that I find the aesthetic to be cool, but I’m not very good at rogue-lite games, and the first boss can still give me a good thrashing despite 6 hours of play. So I’m worried I’m not even going to be good enough to see all of it.


The first episode of No Clip’s Hades documentary is live.


I came into the documentary a bit concerned about the studio, similarly to some people in this thread. Pyre is legit one of my favourite games ever, I never knew a game could combine my love for sports and quality writing so effectively. Even though I realize it’s a real weird and extremely ambitious game (that probably doesn’t have too much of an audience?), selfishly enough, I wanted more of that.

Then I watched the episode and heard Amir Rao say “we were just ready to have a game where you fought some dudes” and just hearing that said out loud made most of my concerns disappear? Like, I know these guys make great games, I enjoyed all 3 of their games. They know what they’re doing. I may or may not like Hades in the end, can’t try it 'cause my PC is garbage, but I support Supergiant in their direction, even though it’s not the one I envisioned in my head.


I had the same reaction! I think it helped just to hear them confirm that they were working on something that, as a studio, they really wanted to be working on. And a nice reminder that those devs are just people. And even when you’ve made some really ambitious stuff, sometimes you just wanna make a game about fighting some dudes.