Hades, an action RPG by Supergiant games


So I’ve been playing a bit…

And I can safely say that while the game is excellent, the lack of content really hurts it. The gameplay is excellent but I have some complaints, one of the major ones is, the bosses, its not the difficulty, its playing them over and over.

I honestly hate to say this, but it brings back a game I don’t like to mind, binding of isaac, one of the few positive things I have to say is the variety of bosses made going down each time not feel as samey, even if you had the exact same power ups.

With only having one boss on a set path it becomes stale after around 10 or so fights against the boss.

I hope they do something, like add different movesets for said bosses, or variants to them somehow to make it more interesting beyond just having a different build each time.


I finally stopped playing Fortnite long enough to purchase this game and play it.

First three runs in and I love it. Got to my first boss(?), and it was fun, the combat feels fluid and the art is amazing. I’m hoping we get to see more content and updates as development continues.


Scattered thoughts after 30-odd runs and clearing with the spear, bow and shield:

  • The triple dash is so essential that it feels like it shouldn’t be in the same upgrade menu with stuff like “+10% backstab damage” and “10 coins at the start of a run” - unlocking it was when the game really started making sense/being fun to me

  • I like most of the weapons but the shield really feels like it’s underpowered in terms of raw DPS, especially in the second zone when some of the fights start feeling like a straight numbers check to stop players from getting through all the content too quickly.

  • This is the first early access game I’ve ever played where I’ve been really excited for the next update rather than putting it away until 1.0 once I’ve seen enough. A large part of that is how story/art-focused it is compared to other roguelites; new areas and enemies are fine and all but I’m dying to find out what Artemis/Sisyphus/Charon/Orpheus/Nyx all look like.


So the new patch just came out. CHAOS is it’s theme. The patch notes make it sound like a lot has been added, but I haven’t seen much new other than some enemies in the one run I did.

Of the new enemies, they added this thwomp-like crushy boys, and I found them pretty hard to dodge. Plus they stay in the air forever.


Overall, as someone who’d gotten to the last boss on 5+ times but never killed it, but then managed it on first try of the new patch last night, I think the game got noticeably easier. The new mirror buff is pretty essential and makes single-target encounters much less challenging. The first boss folded really quickly for me this time, even with my boons being meh.

I mainly run with the shield and that got buffed quite a bit, the new bullrush feels a lot better. The little visual + vibration feedback when you block things is a great addition.

The new god makes it actually worth jumping into the holes now! I like the trade off buff idea a bunch.

Agreed on the crushy boys. They felt more annoying than difficult and not in a fun way. The only thing you have to do is wait for the short timing window and that’s the entire fight. They definitely stay in the air for far too long.


im playing the update aswell (cleared the game multiple times) i love the edition of the chaos boons theyre really fun. ii managed to select a boon that dealt 3 damage every time i attacked so i would have to clear rooms with my special and cast (sword run).
but i made that selection completely forgetting that the next room was meg and frantically trying to beat that fight without attacking was A LOT of fun (i nearly did it too!)

artemis’s art is so cuuuute.

the new enemies are interesting, im dealing with the crusher dudes but theyre definitely getting me when it feels like they maybe shouldnt have.

i kinda understand why they tweaked the meg fight, her encounter was fine but if you werent running a crit build it could really drag and feel a tad spongy.

what i really like is the rebalance to the bonehydra fight that fight feels allot better to do now less hiding behind walls.


Finally got around to playing the update. Main takeaway is that Chaos looks rad as hell. I’ve never been a fan of Greek myth but I appreciate that they’re going for the deep cuts.
The new “bet on yourself” mechanic is cool, and I think I’m overall positive about the balance changes - disappointed that Artemis’ dash attack boon got nerfed but in all fairness it was pretty busted with the spear.


yeah i loved that boon too but guaranteed crits were a bit ott


Haven’t played this yet, but I loved Bastion and Transistor. I’m also into depictions of Greek myth so this looks straight up my street.


Second ep of the documentary is up!

Really cool look into the process of patching and updating an early access game.

Also, there’s a new update as of a week or so ago featuring a new god (Dionysus) and weapon (Gun???). It’s been a lot of fun dipping back into the game for a few runs every update to check out what’s new, and I’m excited to see what comes next (there’s a short bit of dialogue in this update that suggests we might be seeing Thanatos soon?)


That makes this game more interesting!


great update Dionysus is suuuper hot :+1:


Looking hot indeed!