‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Arrives March 2020, And It Looks Stunning

Fans have waited more than 10 years for Valve to do something, anything with the Half-Life franchise. Half-Life 2: Episode 2, the second in a proposed trilogy of stories, is the last we’d seen of that world. Earlier this week, after a series of leaks, Valve announced it would soon unveil Half-Life: Alyx. That unveiling happened today. Here, finally, is a new Half-Life game:

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Here’s the trailer.

And a Final hours video:

Love this art:

Some sad news tho:


I love everything about this idea except:

  • VR only
  • We’re still stuck with the HL2E2 cliffhanger
  • They recast Alex Dandridge? (I didn’t notice while watching the trailer, but the article says they did.)

It’s sad hearing someone other than Robert Guillaume voice Eli, too, but there was no getting around that.


Yeah, there is a price barrier, but you can get a VR set and controllers for relatively cheap now. Maybe not Rift/Vive quality, but around 200 bucks.

G-Man being there makes me think there’s going to be come connections to Episode 2. Alyx doesn’t interact with him much until that part in the story.

They may have. All the characters are supposed to be younger, so it may be effects put over voicework.

It sounds like Half-Life 3 won’t happen unless this game moves units, which is quite the bet to hedge on.

This could be Luddite disinterest in VR talking, but I am far more interested in Valley of the Gods than this.


It’s definitely not enough to get me to buy a VR headset, but that does look pretty awesome.

And is that Rhys Darby I hear?

I think it’s either dead or on ice. :confused: most the Campo Santo people seem to be working on Alyx.

Also, here’s the new voice cast:


this looks dated already. is there anyone on the planet who sees gameplay where someone finds a single bullet on a shelf and loads it into a single-action handgun and thinks “wow, what an exciting gameplay conceit for a vr game”


I really hope it’s just on ice :confused: At the very least, Claire Hummel updated her Twitter bio after all the cancelation speculation to now say ‘Making video gameS at Valve’, and although I’m probably putting too much hope in that plural s, I’ll hold onto it for now.



“There’s a quote from some guy named Gabe Newell.”

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wait they’re charging 60 bucks for this thing

Yeah, it’s a full 15 hour game.

Wanna bet half of this board or more can’t even run it

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I mean, I had to upgrade my PC for Half-Life 2. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Half-Life 2 was the first big game that required a DVD Drive as well. I remember having to go get one on day one because I didn’t know this.

Do you not have Vives?!

Seriously though. I’m out of college and in the workforce, without much student debt, and living in an inexpensive area, and getting a VR headset is still prohibitively expensive for me. For people without a moderately powerful PC, it’s even more out of reach.

People keep saying that VR needs a killer app to take off. What VR really needs is to not cost a full months rent plus food to even get started.


I feel like this idea that VR is all at least a thousand dollars is a little hyperbolic.

For example, the Quest with controllers is 400 dollars.

Some sets that aren’t the big companies can get as cheap as 200 at times. I think some used Acers range from 200-300.

To me, the jump to the console to VR is similar to a jump to console generations. I mean, PS5 and the new Xbox are coming out next year, and there is bound to be a slew of games explicitly for those 500 dollar platforms.

The question is if you’re willing to make a gamble on a platform that doesn’t have quite the stellar line up a major release has for one killer app. We’ve seen this before though. Halo was the selling point of the original Xbox. You still can’t play Bloodbourne on anything but a PS4.

I bought my Rift a year or so ago, which I can use with this new Half-Life game, and though a lot of the games are gimmicky I have not once regretted my purchase. Pavlov, VRChat, Robo Recall, Sword and Sorcery are all fun, weird games that I wouldn’t get just glancing through the steam store.

This hobby is fucking expensive.

i don’t think this should be just accepted as the norm either tbh