Halloween Costume Ideas!

Well, I should’ve started thinking about this earlier, but who doesn’t like a good procrastinated costume? Any clever ideas this year? In the past I would’ve said political costumes could be funny but in today’s world… whew.

Pun-ny costumes are not only welcome but encouraged.

I have been seriously thinking about putting together the Dead Orbit Warlock gear from Destiny 2, but that would take a lot of time and Halloween is in two weeks.

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What if someone dressed as Patrick Gill’s really good picture of Toad

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Just got my Mimikyu hoodie, will show off later in the week. Anyway maybe look into doing a gijinka style of a pokemon or any creature.

I was thinking about going as Bowser, but I don’t really have anything to go to. I was Professor Oak last year and Birch the year before that (my best costume). But doing costumes with beards is hard!

a good and fairly easy costume I did one time was I bought a big fake pumpkin from the craft place carved a Jack O Lantern into it and cut a hole in the bottom so I could wear it on my head.

Another one I am pretty proud of, (and also in the theme of putting fake produce on my face come to think of it.) is I got a green plastic apple and hung it from a bowler hat and went as Magritte’s The Son of Man

this year I have no idea and I am frankly a little annoyed at my roommates for saying our October 28th Stranger Things Party Marathon would be a costume affair

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It’s been a couple years at this point but my costumes always amount to basically just clothes with a couple of extra details.
Black jeans/shirt + wings/scythe = angel of death
Green tights/shorts/tank top + a bunch of fake ivy = poison ivy

Most elaborate costume would be Shadow Naoto (or, ‘a cyborg’ to everyone who didn’t get the reference) and that was just a bunch of cardboard taped/stapled over one side of basically a regular outfit.
(I spent all week on that. My housemate wrote ‘I AM A ROBOT’ on a cardboard box. Guess whose costume was more popular…)

I want to be comfortable, you know. I want to be able to walk around, and pick things up, and drink. If a costume hinders any of that it’s no good, imo.

Stock Photo Hacker is a pretty easy to pull off at the last minute and is cheap. All you need is a dark hoodie, balaclava, and a laptop with a terminal open.

@BananaSam The Jack o Lantern head one is a great idea, extremely simple yet effective.

@SuperMe I will have to agree with you there, we will probably be walking around in public and also drinking. Anything too complicated that you have to keep fixing is just a hassle.

But what if…


it’s probably kind of an obvious costume idea but i really like REALLY wanna do carrie white one year

but also like i feel like that is kind of Extra and i just like, havent had the opportunity arise to do that level of costume u know

My go to is always Luchador in a suit. Easy & nobody knows any luchadors besides so who cares if I don’t fit the body type.

I’m going with a Sleep Party People type of costume.

Black clothes, hoodie and a sinister bunny mask. Easy.

Here the Mimikyu hoodie I got

The ears are alittle off but I generally like it.


Your pumpkin costume has triggered a realisation that I’m running out of time to plan a pumpkin design this year!

I did Paw Patrol Marshall last year (my son was 4, now 5), and this year we’ve just seen the Lego Ninjago movie, so I thought maybe Garmadon’s evil samurai face… any ideas as inspiration?

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Just commenting to say that is a better looking pumpkin than I’ve ever done!

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Also thinking about doing a genderbend Chloe from Life is Strange at some point, might take some effort though.

Got an inflatable T-rex outfit and a Mario mustache and hat. gonna figure out a good way to get them onto the T-rex outfit and watch my friends flip at the costume.

Mostly because I just want to make the mask (it’s paper).