Halloween Costume Ideas!


Well, I should’ve started thinking about this earlier, but who doesn’t like a good procrastinated costume? Any clever ideas this year? In the past I would’ve said political costumes could be funny but in today’s world… whew.

Pun-ny costumes are not only welcome but encouraged.


I have been seriously thinking about putting together the Dead Orbit Warlock gear from Destiny 2, but that would take a lot of time and Halloween is in two weeks.





What if someone dressed as Patrick Gill’s really good picture of Toad


Just got my Mimikyu hoodie, will show off later in the week. Anyway maybe look into doing a gijinka style of a pokemon or any creature.


I was thinking about going as Bowser, but I don’t really have anything to go to. I was Professor Oak last year and Birch the year before that (my best costume). But doing costumes with beards is hard!


a good and fairly easy costume I did one time was I bought a big fake pumpkin from the craft place carved a Jack O Lantern into it and cut a hole in the bottom so I could wear it on my head.

Another one I am pretty proud of, (and also in the theme of putting fake produce on my face come to think of it.) is I got a green plastic apple and hung it from a bowler hat and went as Magritte’s The Son of Man

this year I have no idea and I am frankly a little annoyed at my roommates for saying our October 28th Stranger Things Party Marathon would be a costume affair


It’s been a couple years at this point but my costumes always amount to basically just clothes with a couple of extra details.
Black jeans/shirt + wings/scythe = angel of death
Green tights/shorts/tank top + a bunch of fake ivy = poison ivy

Most elaborate costume would be Shadow Naoto (or, ‘a cyborg’ to everyone who didn’t get the reference) and that was just a bunch of cardboard taped/stapled over one side of basically a regular outfit.
(I spent all week on that. My housemate wrote ‘I AM A ROBOT’ on a cardboard box. Guess whose costume was more popular…)

I want to be comfortable, you know. I want to be able to walk around, and pick things up, and drink. If a costume hinders any of that it’s no good, imo.


Stock Photo Hacker is a pretty easy to pull off at the last minute and is cheap. All you need is a dark hoodie, balaclava, and a laptop with a terminal open.


@BananaSam The Jack o Lantern head one is a great idea, extremely simple yet effective.

@SuperMe I will have to agree with you there, we will probably be walking around in public and also drinking. Anything too complicated that you have to keep fixing is just a hassle.

But what if…


it’s probably kind of an obvious costume idea but i really like REALLY wanna do carrie white one year

but also like i feel like that is kind of Extra and i just like, havent had the opportunity arise to do that level of costume u know


My go to is always Luchador in a suit. Easy & nobody knows any luchadors besides so who cares if I don’t fit the body type.


I’m going with a Sleep Party People type of costume.

Black clothes, hoodie and a sinister bunny mask. Easy.


Here the Mimikyu hoodie I got

The ears are alittle off but I generally like it.


Your pumpkin costume has triggered a realisation that I’m running out of time to plan a pumpkin design this year!

I did Paw Patrol Marshall last year (my son was 4, now 5), and this year we’ve just seen the Lego Ninjago movie, so I thought maybe Garmadon’s evil samurai face… any ideas as inspiration?


Just commenting to say that is a better looking pumpkin than I’ve ever done!


Also thinking about doing a genderbend Chloe from Life is Strange at some point, might take some effort though.


Got an inflatable T-rex outfit and a Mario mustache and hat. gonna figure out a good way to get them onto the T-rex outfit and watch my friends flip at the costume.


Mostly because I just want to make the mask (it’s paper).