Halloweenpoint 2020 - Your Halloween Thread

Welcome to Halloweenpoint 2020!

This thread is a special Halloween themed place to well, just be spooky! Got some Halloween Memes to share? Slap them right here. Got a cool spooky video to share? Drop that link and slam that enter button. Wanna talk about your Halloween plans? Post them here. Are you a ghost or a ghoul and want to share your haunting techniques. Well git on down here and share those terrifying haunt hacks.

Do keep in mind to use proper CW’s and spoiler anything that might contain content that others might find triggering.


I ordered the Halloween treat compilation from these fine folks: https://flourpowerny.com/ so I imagine it’ll be enjoying some Spooky Snacks and avoiding trick-or-treaters

Halloween is definitely different this year than usual for me. Definitely not a year where I’m looking to watch or play something especially scary, but earlier this month I started the first Vampire the Masquerades VN and just finished it on Friday! It was good fun, not particularly scary, but enough so to be compelling and also just silly enough to be enjoyable. Looking to start the second one tonight or Monday and if I wrap that up quickly, I also got the Werewolf the Apocalypse VN earlier this month that I am excited to start.

Also a chance I might watch Midsommer over discord with some friends depending on schedules and whether or not I’ll be in a mental/emotional place to deal with an Ari Aster film


I have been watching a lot of BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural videos lately. I’m also just playing a ton of Phasmophobia. Hopefully that games keeps it’s momentum going into November.

So at the beginning of the month I decided that this would be the year I finally was a slob and ordered lots of candy off Amazon and let me tell you, they were hiding the good gummies (the sour peach rings are crap, but the rest, chef kiss).

And a reminder: Control isn’t just thematically a Halloween game, it is set on Halloween night.

The FBC’s observations of Jesse state she arrived in NY on 10/29/2019 and Langston says he was supposed to go to a movie opening that night. Movies come out on Fridays but guessing by how late the game starts, he meant he was going to a midnight first showing, ergo it’s Thursday 10/31/2019.


For the past two years, my spouse and I have spent Halloween playing through Vampyr, and I honestly might do that again because it’s a good game. And since I don’t have to shop with trick or treaters in mind this year, I can buy nicer candy than I usually end up eating when I steal tons of fun size Snickers bars from the bowl.

I will say that because of Covid this year, I’m not participating or visiting any haunted house attractions and it bums me out a lot. Even though there are several that are opening up and are putting in safety precautions and social distance measures, I can’t really take the risk in order to protect my housemates and family.

But I have been watching plenty of videos of haunted house attractions.

One video I keep going back too is the Griffith Park Ghost Train in Los Angeles, CA.
Yeah, it’s not the scariest thing in the world, but it’s got the spooky aesthetics and vibes. I’m very much interested in the idea of more mild and family friendly haunted attractions, as I do have friends who can’t handle scares and stuff you would find in a normal haunted house. And I wish something like this existed in more places.

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Probably going to try watching some of the classic slasher movies for the first time this year. always wrote them off when i was younger though i wasn’t into horror in general when i was younger

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never do much for halloween. i’ll probably go hang out with my very small “friend pod”, play some board games with hocus pocus on in the background or something.

Here I am. A horror game wimp, playing SOMA for the hallow season. I’m hoping my love of sci premises will get me past the crawling through dark places while everything sounds dangerous that is the everything else.

I usually use Halloween as am excuse to rewatch The Thing. I love how wonderfully gross some of the practical effects are in that movie.


If any of you have the Criterion Channel streaming service I highly HIGHLY recommend checking out their 70s horror collection. There are a few classics (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes), but also there are quite a few I’ve never seen or even heard of before that were fun to check out. I highly recommend The Vampire Lovers. Its peak Hammer films.

Also, how about some spooky music?

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