Halo Infinite Has Been Delayed Into 2021

Microsoft has announced that Halo Infinite, an open world sequel to the shooter franchise pegged as the centerpiece launch game for the new slate of Xbox hardware coming later this year, will be delayed into 2021. 

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Not that it was going to be strictly necessary to get a Series X right at launch thanks to the multi-launch of Infinite, but now? My wallet is thankful.

Now I have some questions to Ubisoft about an upgrade path to PS5.

I’m really looking forward to Infinite, but hey, if it needs more time it needs more time. Hopefully this means a no crunch development, but I’m gonna guess that ship has sailed.

I follow Infinite’s lead narrative designer on Twitter (twitter.com/aaronlinde a good follow for a good dog) and he’s definitely been doing some crunching.

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If in a week we hear that they’re delaying the launch of the console to next year I would not be shocked.

They just confirmed November for the console’s launch.

I found out the other day that Seth Dickinson (guy who wrote the very good Baru Cormorant series) was a developer at Bungie in the Halo days. Sorry I had nowhere else to put this info.

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Yeah makes sense :pensive: I feel like any game that gets delayed this close to launch is always crunching, because if they weren’t they would have known they needed to delay months ago to give their employees lots of time. Not that I’ve worked in game dev, but that’s the impression I get

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Animal Crossing was delayed from last year into this year (internally) to make sure their employees didn’t have to crunch


I wonder if the reception of the trailer had an effect on this

Either Patrick or Jason Schreier said that moving to strictly working-from-home put a real damper on 343’s development momentum (moving lots of devkits and development stations to locations that aren’t normally suited to supporting them, setting up a VPN on the office development stations that are now living at home with people, etc) and Jason has often alluded to a turbulent development behind the scenes.

FWIW Schreier said on Twitter today that he’s highly skeptical that that’s actually what happened (w/r/t Animal Crossing). Said further he doubts delays in general actually ever help anybody with crunch.

Modern delay announcements often include a line like "the well-being of our team" but as I've reported a few times in the past, I've never heard of an AAA delay leading to *less* crunch. Internally, the messaging is "OK guys let's keep pushing, gotta keep this momentum going"

— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) August 11, 2020

to tie it into Waypoint Canon he did a lot of the writing on destiny (and had a VERY terrible experience doing it)

Baru Cormorant is a very good anti-colonial fantasy series, the third book of which just came out! Ya’ll should buy it so they’ll keep paying Seth money to write books!

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I think after the second Cyberpunk delay Jason (could‘ve been someone else!) also plainly stated that a game delay only a couple months from the intended release date means that they’ve been crunching and realized it won’t be enough, so they need more time to crunch & potentially even harder.


Him and Austin also have short stories coming out in that Star Wars anthology!

I hope that they’re able to take the time they need to polish this up as much as it needs. While the visuals didn’t look particularly next-gen with what they showed, it still looked like it had the makings of a fun Halo game.

On a related note, all the discourse around Halo Infinite has made me realize how utterly disconnected I am from the mentality of some out there who want next-gen at all costs - like, the Digital Foundry folks today immediately pivoted to how they hope that this delay means they just dump the Xbox One version of this to focus on next-gen, all the people playing on current-gen be damned. and it’s like…yo, cutting edge graphics aren’t everything? Like, does it play well? Then good enough for me.


Probably the right move from a business/consumer perspective considering its not like Sony’s launch lineup is that much stronger since the only first party launch game they have is an uplifted piece of dlc and Xbox can lean on the really quite good day one backwards compatibility feature. Though still I worry about the developers health since, usually crunch delays lead to more crunch though I would love it if 343 managed to be one of the few examples where delays actually reduced crunch.

This generation definitely feels rushed, especially with all the issues COVID is causing

If Digital Foundry had displayed anything approaching a responsible prospective on the industry they would have saved hundreds of employees untold stress and anxiety.

The uncritical application of high-level industry knowledge to enthusiast press reporting has just given the people who don’t care about abusive labour practices more ammunition to dictate their narrow techno-fetishistic views to a captive workforce of game developers.

Oh good, now the chuds have a exhaustive breakdown of how these particles effects work in a reveal trailer, bet that won’t be used to give some PR intern a hernia!


I really like DF’s videos for the most part because usually they aren’t the PC snob types and actually find value in games running on lower spec hardware. This push from them to drop the X1 version of Infinite seems out of character and kind of shitty to me. I expect better than them doing the forum fanboy thing of blaming the poors for not maximizing their $3000 battlestation, but here we are.

I just built my cousin a mid-range PC so he can get into Game Pass. I’m selling my other cousin my launch X1 for beer money as well. I’m hyped that we all can play Halo together, along with some friends with Android phones and X1 consoles. I’m ok waiting some more time to do that, but I’m not willing to tell a few of them that no, Microsoft won’t let you play Halo with us because Aloy_Kratos_xXx420 said that they want the maximum graphics possible.