'Halo Infinite' Is a Fun Sandbox Stuck Inside a Very Old Video Game

Yeah I’ve been exploiting the bing rewards for ages, I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars in Amazon cash for basically minimal effort. Game pass gives you a bunch for using it, there’s usually about 3k points in bonuses offers if you’re using an Xbox.

Good to know I’ll maybe get 12 months of Game Pass once I can buy an Xbox to use Game Pass on

You (literally) couldn’t pay me to use Bing. After burning out on live service games and achievements, I also refuse to engage with the Game Pass points system on principle. However, I am very glad to hear folks are gaming the system this effectively!

Edit: also, so far the “$1 for your first month” deal applies every time you re-subscribe to Game Pass. I think I have now done that 3 times on the same account?