‘Halo Infinite’ Promises an Open World, But So Far, It’s Mostly Big Halo

Scattered throughout Halo Infinite are a series of outposts, military installations controlled by the Banished, the villainous faction driving this latest galactic threat in Halo Infinite. Because much of Halo Infinite takes place on what can only be described as a very large version of the Silent Cartographer stage from the original Halo, players can approach skirmishes like this in different ways. Charge into the front gate? Sure. Grapple up the side and quietly take out any snipers? Of course. Sneak through the side and blow up a bunch of explosives, prompting mass chaos? Definitely. At this point, I was, I dunno, half a mile from the area, and poring over its layout through a sniper’s scope. I was a contemplative Master Chief.

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Really pedantic comment here, but everyone keeps referring to “The Silent Cartographer” as the touchpoint for Infinite’s campaign. However, the template to me seems to be the second mission of Halo CE, “Arriving on Halo”. That’s the mission where you crash land on the ring and have to rally scattered marines. You basically mount a Warthog and head off in a random direction to see what’s up. There’s a little bit of defensive and offensive encounters, vehicle exploration through Forerunner ruins and bumpy overland terrain, and a good variety of available weaponry to experiment with. Like I said, this is super pedantic, but I get it. Cartographer was the showpiece and featured on the demo. But man, “Halo” was really underrated as a level.

Anyway, I’m super jazzed to hear the positive buzz around the campaign. The multiplayer is already hooked deep into me (seriously, why am I writing this comment when I could be play more Halo?). The next few weeks are gonna be an agonizing wait. :weary:


I always play a Halo campaign, I haven’t particularly cared for Master Chief as a protagonist with ODST being my favorite and Reach being a distant second. For me, Master Chief sucks a lot of interest away from a universe that otherwise I think is pretty interesting with his seeming lack of character and motivation outside of Cortana.

I will happily play this campaign when it drops, I am having trouble getting into the MP because I have long since lost a friends list to play games with resulting in a real drop in MP gaming in general.


I’m Twitter mutuals with one of Ubisoft’s PR people so I have Far Cry on the brain a lot lately (I’ll get to Halo in a minute, I swear). I said in another thread that I thought AC: Origins was so successful because Ubisoft had a basic iconic motif (hoods, climbing, stabbing) that they could really transfer between a lot of different sizes of game. In that instance, they opened the aperture of the world and really blew it out. But you could even make a series of Hitman-style levels using the HCS loop and it would still be discernible as an AC game.

Far Cry doesn’t really have anything iconic like that outside of maybe the base-clearing (with the caveat, of course, that I jumped in at FC3 and didn’t get to experience the joys of jamming guns and malaria). And it’s just kind of jarring, mechanically, to have an unending series of bases to clear. And you can’t really make the open world any bigger - it’s already huge. So, assuming FC6 doesn’t sell a million billion copies and usher in a virtually indistinguishable FC7, the next one’s going to have to go back to the drawing board.

Halo, on the other hand, has that ol’ “30 seconds of fun” loop that you can put on a flip-flop and it’ll still be worth playing. So I’m not really surprised that Big Halo works because ultimately, like AC before it, it’s still Halo.