Hamilton - The American Musical


How about a thread for the greatest musical of all time?

I just bought my tickets last month to see it here in LA. I’m really excited. I’ve been following the show for the last year, quickly got involved in Hamiltunes and I’m still addicted.

Who here has seen it? Anyone else love the Mix-tape?

I think there will be a lot to discuss with the new locations beginning now. I also am curious if anyone else here has been to a Hamiltunes event.

Edit: I realize I did not elaborate on what Hamiltunes is. Hamiltunes is a modern rocky horror like presentation of Hamilton. Local groups do this around the country, it started here funny enough. You get singing or audience tickets and go to a group performance of the show. Everyone takes part, if you sing you get to do a few songs and they just play through the entire soundtrack, It’s fantastic.


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Have not seen it (because I’m neither made of money, nor am I lucky.), but I have listened to it a fair amount. I will say that it is a very good musical. I also am really glad that it is making steps towards more race diversity in musicals in general, and getting more people interested in musicals in general, which is good.

However, Hamilton is not without it’s flaws. While the casting decisions are very revolutionary, the piece doesn’t take the time to look at American Exceptionalism and the dangers it has posed to America as a country. It also super into Great Man History, and while it doesn’t paint the Great Men as being perfect, it also doesn’t refute it. I suppose you could argue that’s not really what Lin was going for, but I also feel those need to be said. What do you all think?

As for the mixtape, I think some of the remixes are really good (my favorites are Sia and Queen Latifah’s Satisfied and Regina Spektor’s Dear Theodosia), and I would be VERY interested in seeing a remount of 1776 with the same casting decisions as Hamilton.


Huge fan of the music, and I’m going to try to secure tix for one of the Atlanta shows next year. Sad I won’t be able to see it with the original cast, but I hear the new cast is more than capable. I’ve never talked to anyone who has seen the show, but hopefully someone here has because I’d love to hear about it.

Those are fair arguments certainly, although I feel in a similar vein many people do not know anything about the man. It is a story driven retelling, and no he is not perfect by any stretch. I understand your feelings in regards to American Exceptionalism, I don’t know how much that specific thing pertains to this story.

You can easily argue how Hamilton is the story of an immigrant, and the natural born Americans (Burr, Jefferson, madison) are shown as the villains and quite flawed. If anything I feel Hamilton is a love song to the diversity of our countries immigrant past.

I am with you on Dear Theodosia, but I can’t agree at all on Satisfied. It’s my least favorite of the album. The song feels like neither person understands what they are signing about, I don’t feel the emotion in their voice, the lyrics do not match the tone. I may be extra critical since Satisfied is my favorite song in the OST.

I really think Congratulations is one of the best tracks on the Mix Tape as well. In fact, it could have fit right into the original musical.

I totally agree, and that is why ultimately I think that’s why it is a really good story and one worth telling, and also is the sort of thing that 1776 lacked.

100% with you on that.

Also in a sad turn of events, about two months ago I had the opportunity to possibly meet Lin at a bar, I skipped because of work. A couple hours later I’m watching my friends FB feed with a video of him singing karaoke Hamilton with Lin. :weary: I’m still not over it.

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I very much enjoyed Hamilton, but only have listened to the soundtrack. I’m not much of a musical guy, but I was impressed by how well the story was communicated through the songs. While I want to see the stage show for sure, I’m impressed by how easily it let let my imagination take over and create my own visuals for the story. It’s certainly not perfect, but I still think it deserves almost all the praise it gets.


I have tickets in London next January, feel very lucky as it sold out until like July or something wild. Fairly sure I’m going to spend the whole time in tears

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I haven’t seen the show because I push a broom for a living and I will admit that I’m probably not smart enough to get anything out of it because I’m a high school drop out but uh, damn, from what I’ve heard, those songs are corny af. Alexander Hamilton…Alexander Hamilton! … pulls on shirt collar