Hands off Bolivia

Does anybody have recommendations on where to look for what’s been happening in recent days? The only current articles I can find are disingenuous NPR articles, thinkpieces from all over the spectrum, and this article about Morales potentially being tried for crimes against humanity. . I know things likely aren’t as quiet as English-based media makes it out to be right now, so I’m really curious about where I should be checking

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Bumping this thread a bit to share this recent poll on Bolivia’s presidential elections, which has Andrónico Rodríguez, the candidate from Evo Morales’ party, leading the polls with 23%, over two of the chief civilian leaders of the coup, Carlos Mesa and Luis Camacho. Hopefully Rodríguez can stay in the lead and win this. If he doesn’t, well, I’m sure all the unbiased scrutiny that was directed at the last election will be repeated, right?

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Sorry for the misleading information in my previous post. I called Andrónico Rodríguez “the candidate from Evo Morales’ party” for the upcoming presidential elections in Bolivia, but he was merely the rumored candidate. Since my previous post, Luis Arce was put forth as the candidate Movimiento al Socialismo would run in the 2020 elections. He has returned to Bolivia today, the 28th, and was promptly served with a legal notice by the current regime to answer for fake charges.

I have a lot of mean things to say about everyone that bought into this fucking coup.


Important update on Bolivia and also how the credulous US media drinks the State Department’s propaganda: https://theintercept.com/2020/06/08/the-nyt-admits-key-falsehoods-that-drove-last-years-coup-in-bolivia-falsehoods-peddled-by-the-u-s-its-media-and-the-nyt/


Thank you for the update. I think often about how this story kind of dropped away from a lot of people’s minds and how little coverage there is over the political situation there.

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It kinda shoots a hole in the narrative that the CIA “used to” perpetrate regime change all the time and doesn’t do that anymore (“We’re enlightened neoliberals now; we have no need of such vulgar methods. ‘Capitalism’ and ‘democracy’ will do it for us.”). Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!


Another reason why the inevitable collapse of the US is a very good thing

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