Happy 5th Birthday itch.io!


5 years of indie development and allowing myself and many others to play games we may never have had the opportunity to play otherwise! I’m sure many of you are happy that this marketplace exists!

In honour of this occasion, would you like to post your favourite itch.io experience/game?


I don’t know if these should count, but my favorite things I’ve gotten from from itch have been all the Kenney assets and asset forge! Really good for prototyping games and just to tinker with.

I’ve also been enjoying retruning to Overland every once and a while during it’s development. But the best purchase I made has to be the Bundle for Good they made back in 2016.

But yeah, I’m thankful for the service they provide. Its the first place I check when a new game is released in hope I can get it there (like Where the Water Tastes Like Wine last week) and has been a great platform to find wonderful experiences big and small.


itch.io is great, I love that there is a decent sized marketplace focused on indie stuff and anytime I dig around a bit on there I will turn up a few really cool things.

Picking a favorite itch.io thing is hard, but I’m gonna highlight The Catacombs of Solaris https://ianmaclarty.itch.io/catacombs-of-solaris.

It’s a game about exploring a weird colorful space. According to the games site the goal of the game is to “find your favourite room in the catacombs” and I think it’s best enjoyed in that mind set. If you like how something looks stop and really take in the room. I also recommend looking up at the ceiling from time to time, it’s not always that interesting, but when it is it’s very striking.

Also the game doesn’t have any sound and while it doesn’t really need it I think something like this album by Alva Noto really compliments the experience.


I have never bought anything from itch, but still I love everything about it.


i just played through Kitty Horrowshow’s Anatomy. the premise of “horror game that doesn’t rely on jump scares” sold me, and it also uses the idea of space in a real cool way, that don’t know if i’ve ever seen in a game

also, not a game, but Bitsy. there’ve been a few Waypoint articles about games made in it! it’s a cool, deceptively simple game engine. most games in it that i’ve played are very short, with little exposition, so they end up feeling more like short stories or poems you can kind of explore several times and think about.

i’ve only really used itch as a means of getting at games i heard about else where. are it’s community and discovery features pretty good? i’ve disliked that part (along with, well, a lot of other ones) about steam lately


My girlfriend and I just played through David Lynch Teaches Typing, and I highly recommend it. It’s free and very short, but funny and well put together.


You should play through it again on a quiet night.


Itch.io is the only place I want to sell my games. It’s so much nicer for both players and developers than Steam. Maybe at some point I’ll be forced to release on Steam, but for now I’m only interested in Itch.

I couldn’t possibly pick just one fave, I have a whole collection of faves, but some recent/all-time favorite picks include:

  • Healthy Breakfast, a surreal first-person game about, uh, donuts?

  • 地獄, a game made for AGBIC that is the rare game to catch me completely off guard.

  • Dujanah, a haunting clay-punk adventure game about war in the middle east

  • Butterfly Soup, a delightfully funny and poignant visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball

  • Yo! Noid 2: Enter The Void, a 3D platformer made by some folks from these very forums which is, without exaggeration, the most fun I’ve ever had with a 3D platformer.

  • These Monsters, a recursive videotape fever dream

  • CHYRZA, a horror story about a mysterious obsidian pyramid

  • Glitchhikers, a game about driving late at night and picking up dubiously real hitchhikers.

There’s so much good stuff there.


Itch has been fabulous for indie creators, just by virtue of being a platform seemingly built around discoverability, where you can release or experience works too experimental for other platforms, with no stigma against releasing works for free; without it and the tools released on it, game jam culture as a whole would doubtlessly be far smaller, and feel far less welcoming to anxiety cases like myself.

My recommendation for this thread is Caterwaul, a brilliant little PICO-8 rhythm/puzzle game by a friend, about a band of musical cats playing live venues on the fast track to fame and fortune. One playthrough lasts up to 30 minutes, and it’s a pleasant trip the whole way through.


Came here to mention Glitchhikers. That’s the game that introduced me to itch way back in 2014.

I replay it every now and then and getting pulled into that universe is always strangely calming. Go play it folks.

I’m going to recommend Trackless, a cyberpunk first person adventure game where you solve puzzles with a text parser. It’s weird and good and well worth the 10 bucks.

Edit: Going through my purchases and found other rad shit.

Sokpop are AMAZING. They’re a collective of devs who make a short weird game every 2 weeks and sell them for $3 a pop. I had a chance to play a bunch of them at an exhibit here and I fell in love with what they do. They run a patreon to help them do that.
If anything in this video interests you then you’ll dig their stuff.

Lieve Oma is a love letter to the creator’s grandmother and it’s just a beautiful experience.

Witchway is a little combat-free puzzle metroidvania about witches made by a bunch of rad people, including the titan souls artist (disclaimer is that he’s a friend of mine, but that doesn’t detract from how fucking good Witchway is)

Grace Bruxner is someone you need to be following. (disclaimer, also a friend of mine!). She makes weird little trash games that have a voice and charm that’s distinctly hers and I love it. If you’re even vaguely intrigued by these screenshots then it’s definitely worth playing through her games.

edit 2:


Dunjanah is so good! It has such a good soundtrack. Just wish it played a bit better.


I have played so many great games that I never would have if it weren’t for Itch.io! It also has given me the ability to easily release my games, if I ever got around to finishing any. Here are some of the great games I’ve played on Itch that I haven’t seen mentioned in the thread yet.

LOCALHOST, a game where you are tasked with convincing four drives to let themselves be deleted. It’s more difficult than it sounds…

Rex: Another Island, Platformer that takes place in one continuous world. Relaxing if you want to go through it just exploring, or make it more difficult by going after all 777 coins.

Dragonward, an interesting mix of streamlined JRPG mechanics, resource management, and a board game.

Can You Say My Name Again, a Twine game about a romance between two trans lesbians. (CW: sex, general anxiety & depression themes, abusive parents, t-slur is mentioned, use of tobacco, talking about drugs and alcohol)

GENDERWRECKED, Going on a journey to rediscover the meaning of GENDER while meeting many monsters. (CW: Gore, body horror, suicide ideation, gender dysphoria, dissociation/depersonalization, insults to intelligence, parenthood, death mention)