Happy May Day! Workers of the world, unite!


This is a fantastic day to start the Waypoint forums. I’m half convinced Austin planned this all along.

So, let’s eat the rich!


Hooray May Day! Boo police in Portland basically declaring a protest a riot and brutally suppressing it with tear gas, flashbangs, and night sticks!


Truly this forum is one small step in the march towards LSGC!

Also @Oghulk I feel like I’ve seen you on some other video game related forum!


This being a video game forum I keep feel like I have to hold back but then I remember Austin’s here. Eat the fuckin’ rich indeed!


Same, but i wonder if the whole waypoint staff ever will publicly say what their political standpoint is except for the kind of broad answer that is just saying that you are a leftist.


There’s a good associated press article floating around (here it is on the Toronto Star) that gives a rundown of May Day celebrations/protests across the world. Interesting to see the differences in tone/scope/organization/response.


Surprisingly we had a pretty tame may day here in Seattle.

On my way home I did see the granny gear patrol closely following a cadre of people in black hoodies but nothing popped off.