Harley Quinn Show Thread!

This show is only a couple of episodes deep, but I already like it a lot! It comes off like an edgy Deadpool-style show for teens, but there’s a lot of great comedy once you get past all that. Plus, K I T E M A N

Basically the hook around the show is that Harley has finally recognized what a abusive creep Joker is, played wonderfully by Alan Tudyk, and has decided to break up with him and start her own crew with the help of Ivy, the BEST character in the show:

(CW for Cartoon Gore)

Something about this show is really hooking me. I like how all the villains are played, especially Bane, who has his Dark Knight Rises voice:

Has anyone else here been watching?


Alan Tudyk’s voice tho! AH!

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All the voicework in the show is really good!

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I’m planning on checking it out when I don’t have to get another blasted subscription to see it.

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That may be safe. It’s a staggered release, like Mandalorian.

I really wanna watch this but I’m so loathe to subscribe to another streaming service. I hope I’ll eventually be able to buy the whole season on its own. This looks like so much fun!


I love Clayface so much in this show.

This show has such strong Venture Bros. energy that it made me remember I havent seen the latest season.
(This is a good thing)


Yeah this show was not on my radar at all but watching these clips this feels like it fell out of Adult Swim.


This show keeps getting better and better.