Harvest Moon 64 Fan Club

Would love to start an official fan/discussion club for the best Harvest Moon game of all time, Harvest Moon 64.

I’m talking Karen. I’m talking Ann. I’m talking Maria, librarian who likes cabbage and is daughter to the Mayor. This. game. has. it. all.


My first Harvest Moon game was Harvest Moon 64 and man I have some great memories of this game. Still remember spending the winter months with my new bride Karen trying my best to make some extra cash.


Karen ran away in my first play-through because I didn’t pay enough attention to her and never came back. It was very sad. I should have realized something was wrong when she kept just staring out into the ocean at night.

I’m really upset that I probably lost my copy of Harvest Moon 64 forever, including my beautiful wife Ann and my beautiful horse Cucumber and my beautiful child i dont remember

Real talk, Harvest Moon 64 is the best one in the series and one of the best N64 games. People just don’t understand how good it is.


The best Harvest Moon is Stardew Valley

But in all seriousness, Harvest Moon 64 holds a special place in my heart. I played that so much as a kid, there is just something so soothing about that series and HM64 was at that sweet spot of not too complex but it still had plenty to do and explore.

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I played it for a few hours yesterday and had a great time with it. Picked up a cart of it last week after losing my original childhood copy. I haven’t played Stardew Valley yet, kinda just waiting for the switch version of it.

I once started a game of Harvest Moon 64 just to see how fast I could get Karen to marry me—which makes me sound like a pig, I know, but we had a nice wedding before year 1 wrapped up. Everyone was happy.

Complete in box too!

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I loved Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town and Rune Factory 4 above all else, but Harvest Moon 64 is one of my all time faves - so much personality and weird secrets. Deffo one of those games of the charming just-off translation era and I love it. I’ve followed the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons franchises and the newer games just don’t get what was fun and addictive and heartwarming about the N64 and PS era games. Stardew Valley comes close, but for all of its practical farming improvements, it’s just not as charming.

There’s a E Shop HM64 on the Wii U, right? Has anyone revisited it? Does it hold up past the nostalgia points?

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Did you use the dog trick or do it how it is supposed to be done?

Harvest moon 64 was the game I played the most as a kid. Which is nuts considering the games I had available. It was just so gentle and nice. I had a sense of purpose.

Makin’ them fat stacks.

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Just 64? No love for OG HM? Back to Nature? Wonderful Life?

Ah well, 64 was dope as hell.

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I’m like 99.9% sure I did it the regular way, but this was well over a decade ago.

They finally got in on the Wii U shop which is crazy because for the longest time I heard it was incredibly difficult to emulate.

The reason I love the game so much (besides the nostalgia) is how simple yet full it is at the same time. So many little easter egg-type things. Like, I would go back to it every couple years or so and each and every single time I would see/find something new. The gamefaqs board has had a ludicrously long lifespan as people have, over time, cracked the game open and looked around inside.

You can do it relatively quickly without the dog if you very quickly get a kitchen and stock up on wild berries.

Missed my chance to get this awesome print from Attract Mode 2013 and still kicking myself for it.


I probably use this reaction image more than anyone has a right to, ever.



so much good stuff


I’m about to make this my phone background

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