Has a game ever been so good it ruined a genre for you?


I got Total Warhammer II this January because I’m a huge Total War fan and though I had some serious problems with Total Warhammer I, I had heard the second game improved it.

I’ve put nearly 300 hours into the game now and played dozens of campaigns. When I saw the trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms and read Rob’s excellent piece about the changes they hope to make to the series’ formula I came away thinking it sounded great but I realized that what I loved about Total War games were the cinematic and dramatic battle moments; an amazing cavalry charge; a group of archers fending off an anti-infantry unit just meters away from them; surviving battles with impossible odds and I realized that no historical Total War game is going to top dragons swooping down on groups of archers or legions of the undead evaporating after their necromancer commander falls in battle.

Total Warhammer took the moments I loved and cranked them up to 11 and whenever I try to play a similar strategy game I lose interest because it doesn’t have those moments.

Have there been any games that were so fun or perfectly tuned to your tastes that it made it hard to play games in a similar genre?


I can’t play any RE Games (save for 7 for obvious reasons) or RE clones like The Evil Within without thinking about how much more I’d rather be playing RE4. It’s the best 3rd person horror action game, and I’ll die on this very popular hill.


It’s not really a single game, but any JRPG that finds a way to move past random encounters puts one more nail in the coffin of games that still have 'em, modern or otherwise. SMT3 seems like a game built for me in terms of style and premise, but holy hell the speed at which random encounters show up in that game is taxing.


At the time, 999 felt like it was that game to me for visual novels, but then I went and played a million more as a result, so I guess not!

It reminds me of this really good piece on VNs from a few months back:


Probably World of Warcraft.

It’s the only MMO I’ve ever loved the systems, progression, world, questing, content, etc. of. It felt like a world. I could do so much. There were thousands of hamster wheels, and I would feel like I was doing something that would reward me no matter which one I was spinning.

No other MMO has satisfied me on underlying systems. No other MMO has satisfied me on scale, or content, or progression, or sense of identity. No other MMO has felt like I was spending hours in ways I wanted to, instead of grindy, inflated ways to increase an hours played counter for no reason.

The things that WoW nailed are the things that every MMO, online RPG, etc. has always felt like it failed on.
I’m glad to be done with it these days, but I think it’s left it’s mark on my expectations/desires.


The Souls games have killed what little interest I had in Zelda. Like the world design is so much better and the combat makes for something infinitely more interesting to me than the deeply mediocre puzzle design that makes up most of the Zelda games. And as a bonus I’m less likely to find racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic bullshit in them. Not unlikely to find it, but on a moment to moment basis still slightly less likely to find it, so that’s something I guess? Okay not really but at lest they don’t have Tingle that’s gotta be worth something!


You might wanna check out FFXIV if you eve get that MMO itch again. I admittedly never played WOW before I got into FFXIV, but plenty of the people I play with made the move from WOW and never looked back. (That said they do still point to Lich King as the best an MMO has ever been).


Going to second the suggestion on trying FFXIV. I played WoW, The Old Republic, and a handful of F2P mmos and nothing keeps me coming back like FFXIV.

FFXIV has ruined MMOs for me because it’s so incredibly respectful of my time. Their consistent update schedule and quality of life improvements are a godsend for folks like me who don’t have hours to grind. I can always log and feel like I did something “useful”.


To your point, I love the Zelda Games but man. The two characters in BOTW that were obviously jokes about camp men fuckin sucked. Regardless of if the characters were good or not, it soured me that I could look at them and go, oh this is a joke at my expense huh.


See. The updates are the one thing I can’t stand because I play Warrior.

And they have consistently been doing Warriors FUCKING DIRTY


Burnout Paradise ruined most racing games for me. More importantly, it ruined most open world games. The freedom that game provided in its design and the systems in place to assist that were so wonderful. It made me realize open world games work better when structure is secondary to discovery whether that be geographic discovery or mechanical discovery.


Yeah I think that’s part of why I can deal with the Souls games issues easier than the Zelda ones as at least the Souls games are aware that the concept of nuance exists so I can at least attempt to read some of it into it where it fucks up but Zelda’s lighter tone means everything is so one dimensional that it can’t come off as anything other than “Hahaha gay dudes that’s so funny!”


Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Cobi’s Journey comes to mind. It wasn’t a perfect game but the breeding mechanic (now makes me feel dirty calling it that but you could replace it with fusion or whatever) hasn’t been topped in my eyes. The Joker DS games were good but the pacing was hindered by soaking in the newly found 3D visuals rather than getting in and out of encounters. There are other games with a similar mechanic but nothing that has made me feel like the lineage of my favorite monsters has led me to this specific monster that now populates my party. Eventually hitting a stride just right that I have put together a monster that perfectly buffs while having delightful defense. Hours and hours of course correcting family trees to get me to a place where I’m doing tremendous work with a delightfully drawn sprite.

Now every time I try to find a similar game it just doesn’t scratch that itch. It feels predetermined in the destination. All monsters have their own quirks, even those of the same species, in DWM.


Burnout Paradise was mentioned and, yeah, any racing game has to live up to what that game did. Even at E3 this year when Forza Horizon 4 was being shown and looked kinda neat, I just wasn’t able to get excited by it because I knew I could just play Paradise instead.

Monster Hunter World has killed any excitement I had for playing PvE focused mission based games like Destiny, Anthem, etc. that are all the rage with big budget developers. Other than some quirks with the party system, it has pretty much everything I want out of that type of experience.

I hesitate to say Saints Row: The Third because it’s not like I was ever a big fan of the “modern day open world” games to begin with like Sleeping Dogs, GTA, etc., but that game did everything I wanted out of that formula, trimmed the fat completely down to a nice 30 hour experience, and had a story that you actually cared about, even if it was just to see how ridiculous it would get next.

Continuing my constant aversion to open world games, Zelda actually did this twice. Breath of the Wild is the obvious one, as it did everything that Skyrim, Witcher 3, etc. wishes they could’ve. But Wind Waker, despite being very linear, offers the thrill of the experience of hopping in your vehicle of choice, setting off in a direction across this barren world, and seeing what lies ahead while enjoying every second of the journey along the way that some open world games like Mad Max try to replicate, but never come close to.


Oh my GOD Monster Hunter World is my biggest example of this.

As a big MH fan who has played a lot of the older MH games, the idea of going back to old style MH now is fuckin… I just can’t do. After world there is no way I’m gonna be able to get into MHXX when it comes to the west


The Horizon games get so frustratingly close to nailing it! I don’t mind the more simulationy driving model, but the sense of learning a place you get from Paradise just isn’t there, I think because the maps are too damn big and they don’t challenge you to learn it. Also the corporate influencer tone is zero fun.


Third person action games have been ruined by Soulsborne games for me. I haven’t swung a sword in a game since then and not wished it was just Fromsoft combat.

Open world games have been ruined by Breath of the Wild because after going through a giant Hyrule that just oozes character and care, other open world games that don’t hide their strings are so much less satisfying now because of it.

I’m also starting to think I’m never going to enjoy a fighting game as much as Smash Bros Melee or Tekken 3. Dragonball FighterZ looks cool and Tekken 7 is mechanically amazing but I am never going to put in the work to get what I got from a fighting game back when I had a system with only one game and an entire summer to kill.


RUSH 2049 is that game for me in the car genre. I say car and not racing because it does more then just ruin racing games it also ruins vehicle combat games and vehicle stunt games.

There is just so much too like about the game that games after it have failed to replicate or pass.

The idea that tracks are for more than just racing but to be explored is one of those things. No modern racing game would ever do that or if they did it is part of an open world type system and it doesn’t feel magical like it does when you discover this entire hidden section of a track that was only created for players to stumble across in practice mode.

As a kid playing this on the Dreamcast and PS2 it was one of the games that defined my summers of just sitting down with my brother and best friend as we spent hours just trying to find all these hidden areas in these tracks or going for high score in stunt mode.


I compare every RPG to Morrowind.


So you’re constantly wowed by the upgrade in graphics then?