Has a new platform ever made you hungry for a game you didn't care about before?


Hello folks!

Like many of you, I saw Darkest Dungeon be played at various sites for their coverage and thought it looked cool. I like RPGs a lot. I like roguelikes… a little bit – we’ve all seen examples of how procgen can go either right or wrong. I like Gothic/Cosmic Horror A LOT as a genre. It seemed up my alley, but I never really got interested in picking the game up.

Then I saw a video of it running of the Switch. And friends, I hunger for this game now the way eldritch creatures hunger for flesh or sanity or whatever else they want. I desire it. I need it.

I thought that was a little weird. I have enough games for the Switch that I’m not wanting just any game that comes out. I guess the confluence of me liking all the threads Darkest Dungeon pulls on normally coupled with the portability of the Switch was finally enough to tip me over the edge.
Still… Has anyone ever experienced this type of thing before? (And if anyone has information on when DD might be coming out…)


Yeah, this is how I feel about most of the good indie or small-scale games coming to the Switch. I have Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight on PC, but no real interest in playing them on PC, for some reason. But if I get them on Switch, you can bet on me playing them to completion.


I have no idea why I’m suddenly so incredibly excited to play Skyrim again. Like, I’ve played it tons on PC over 2 characters, and always ended up drifting away once the bugs and mod clashes pile up to make it unplayable. But now I’m all hyped to play the Vanilla game on switch, at a stable framerate, finally doing all the DLC stuff I’d completely ignored on PC. It feels weird.

Gonna go a Shield Mage.


There’s a whole host of AAA games that had J2ME mobile versions developed by other companies. While most of them play nothing like the full games, they all typically try to incorporate some wider reaching aspects of their design into whatever was possible on what seems like a SNES with a T9 pad for a controller. The insane difference in processing power meant that developers could only allude to the gameplay of the bigger games, but when you’re a kid who can’t afford a PS3 or Xbox 360, they were definitely alluring.


For me it’s Stardew Valley. I previously bought it on Steam, played for about 5 hours, enjoyed it but haven’t gone back. The idea of having it portable and more accessible is very appealing to me. Similarly, the Flame in the Flood sort of interested me before, but now I’m really considering picking it up for the Switch. I should probably get a memory card soon… I think this will quickly become a Switch thread, haha.


Yeah, I think you are right. Having the console games on a solid portable is awesome. I really liked the Vita as well, except the software support was always tepid or water down experiences. Still, being able to play PS1 games on the Vita is pretty great. I played through a number of the Final Fantasy games as well as RE 1-3 on Vita and it was glorious.


The DLCs are good. Really, really good.


I liked Stardew on the PC but only made it about one year in. On switch I’m nearing 40 hours already and I’m into summer of my second year!


Got Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch since my partner was excited about it, and the short play sessions and endless replayability really hooked me despite never really being into tetris (or puyo) games before. The Switch is great for sitting on your desk to pick up for a few minutes when taking a break between stuff and PPT is great for that.


I once had a dream about Titanfall and suddenly wanted to play it, ended upgrading my pc a couple months later


Ahh my dude I wanted Titanfall so bad but the multiplayer only aspect turned me off. Titanfall 2 though. Damn.