Has A Video Game Ever Gotten You Into Another Medium?


I spent most of my high school life hating on anime. Sure I watched stuff on the old Toonami block but when it came to going out and finding anime to consume, I hit a block. Whether it was weird gender politics and fan service or over expository dialogue. I found reasons to hate on anime.

Enter Persona 3: Portable. I got it on a whim for my dusty PSP1000. A suggestion from my JRPG obsessed friend and no exaggeration, it changed everything. This excellently voice acted game, with its interesting and relatable characters, quickly became one of my favourites.

I remember looking up reviews [to validate my opinion], noting how many authors called the plot pretty standard anime fare. A quick google search, ‘Best anime all time,’ and I have not looked back. Not all is great, there have been quite a few misses but for the most part, I have no regrets.

So, have games ever opened your eyes and your hearts to new or previously shunned?


I’ve read the The Witcher books and the Metro 2033 books, though I haven’t actually played the games. I figured the books are the source material, I should read them first. I also once saw Need For Speed The Movie The Novel on sale for $6 and have regretted not buying it ever since. I bet it’s ~GREAT~.

Also, unless you imported a PSP from Japan, you mean a PSP-1001. The PSP-1000 had an issue with the square button, because components of the screen extended underneath it. It was revised for the North American launch. And I don’t believe anybody who imported a Japanese PSP was not already into anime.


Video games made me interested in tabletopping!! I mean, Friends at the Table helped a lot, but I loved RPG video games before that and I enjoy roleplaying a whole bunch!


lol, it was a second hand model. A gift from that JRPG obsessed friend.

Now I want Need For Speed The Movie The Novel The Game A Television Event.


I first started listening to podcasts with the Nintendo Voice Chat when my passion for video games really started to bloom. This lead to my utter obsession with podcasts. I began searching for more and more to listen to; From those centered around video games, history, storytelling, sports. Once I stumbled upon the Giant Bombcast, the crew quickly became my favourite group of video game personalities and that ultimately led to discovering Waypoint.


Podcasts and anime are both probably good examples to bring out, but my story on this is perhaps a little more far-reaching.

One of the earliest games I can remember playing is Pokémon. I can almost guarantee that I was playing on my brother’s Game Boy Colour before I could read and, consequently, it was definitely in the mixture of things that made me a reader, which I have been basically ever since. While the pendulum has swung back and forth between how much I read and how much I play games, the two have definitely been intertwined in my life. My (now much-faded) preferences for text-heavy RPGs probably comes out of that early experience too. I still have a faint, but distinct, memory of mentally figuring out which one of the options was the Pokéball, buying as many as I could, and my brother getting cross with me because he’d been saving up to buy Potions instead.

It also meant that it took me until I was at least nine to stop calling seahorses ‘Horsea’, but you gotta take the gristle with your burger, I guess.


Not quite a whole medium, but I’ll admit to games expanding my music tastes. I’d dismissed a lot of genres, but games like Fallout 3/NV, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1/2, hell even Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture really making me appreciate and enjoy a whole host of music I’d “never subject my ears to”. I guess part of growing up was me also realizing that being a douche about taste was only limiting, but you know. Jazz, 50s, Classical, Punk - all music I can totally enjoy now thanks to games.


ah I started reading webcomics and fanfiction because of video games. One of the first fandoms I interacted with was the legend of zelda.