Has Sonic become JoJo?

Sonic versus Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 is basically Jotaro versus Dio because they both fight with time and space powers and the hero has to figure it out and catch up, and also have you see these people


Black Doom is just straight up a stand with psychic and copy powers


Infinite has Dio Ascended to Heaven’s Eyes of Heaven, with broken reality warping powers


Mephiles has a stand and its his shadow that he can fuse with to become more powerful and eat other shadows and that is so JoJo I’m amazed it’s not already a stand power set



Gotta Jo Fast,


oh no we’ve already reached the absolute peak of this thread

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Jonic the Hedjog. Shajo the Hedjog.
The truth is out there.

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That’s a nice theory and all, but tell me, if Sonic is becoming JoJo’s

Where are all the body parts of Jesus Christ?

What do you think Iblis and Mephiles are

I don’t know much about Sonic so I don’t know I’m sorry

They’re the two halves of the god of time and space

Oh you mean these two?

Just with more fire and a hate boner for shadow the hedgehog

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