Has the net outcome of social media been more good or bad?

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  • Nah, burn it all

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Hot takes welcome and to clarify I’m talking all social media sites not just one, but if you want to argue that one has significantly tipped the scale go for it.

kinda regretted saying burn it all immediately after clicking it tbh

I can’t tell if pre-Facebook online communities were actually better or if I’m just old. But I vote burn it all down, if for no other reason than to spite the passage of time itself.



I go back and forth.

On one hand, a lot of the worst things happening today are directly because of Social Media.

But also, I feel like we wouldn’t have the amount of transparency. A story drops, and instead of reading about it tomorrow in the paper that may have some sort of bias, you get people on Twitter posting proof that a certain story is bullshit, or that someone is just LYING about the facts. Would a reporter in the 70s compile every LIE told by Nixon like some people have with Trump? I don’t know. Would that make it to print?

But then a lot of BIG stories that should have been a big deal seem to disappear in the just consistent repetition with one horrible thing after another. I feel like a lot of Trump’s bullshit would have sank him in an age previous to this, but I don’t know…

I also just like being able to communicate with my friends without having to open a phone book and calling them out of the blue… A facebook message is a great way to catch up with old friends.

So maybe just burn it a little.

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Without social media I would have missed out on a lot of experiences I’ve found to be valuable, and also the world would be in a far better state than it currently is.


social media has really made it easier for queer people in remote places to learn about themselves and others

buuuut social media probably a net negative unfortunately. weird that it somehow made people more homogeneous in views with the place they live in instead of the opposite


Social media is fantastic, but also the worst thing to ever happen to human communication.

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I think part of the problem is news reporting has to figure out a way to maintain interest longer in a time when a week feels like forever online.

It’s an incredibly bleak view but I almost wonder if drip feeding information to the public to get attention instead of just dumping it all at once is a better way to have people stay informed. If you read one article it’s easy to say “wow that sure is awful” and move on with your life but if it’s something that’s dragged out for weeks it probably sticks with you more.


That’s what I wonder too…

Like, would Watergate take off like it did if Twitter was around. I know it took a while to get going back then, but it eventually got to a point where the Republicans couldn’t deny the evidence anymore. Now, that evidence seems to get lost in the overwhelming noise of all the people dropping their take on what happened.


There was this weird period before the hellsite became the HELLSITE Twitter where all that was good about the internet was present. Celebrities and ordinary people mixed and chatted and mostly made each other feel good, and you didn’t need to block people because trolls hadn’t really moved in yet.

It was definitely a largely nerdy academic crowd with not nearly enough minority voices, but it was good at creating what felt like “a big party that everybody is at”, and I used my real name to interchangeably @ my heroes, friends, dates and business contacts and felt good about it.

Now that we know that Hobbes wasn’t entirely wrong, I have a new twitter with 1 tweet and just mostly follow waypoint, 3ma and friends at the table people for updates.

I’d say good, in terms of being better able to cultivate social groups than the precursor formats like forums, thus allowing for more unity among marginalized groups who would have trouble establishing footholds without spending the resources on creating community hubs like forums.

The bad parts are that it’s much more atomized than a dedicated forum-type community to where it’s much harder to create wider social connections for people with social disorders, and the platform moderation is handled at a scale beyond the comprehension of regular users which obfuscates potential malicious intent of the platform holders (who have routinely demonstrated malicious intent in their moderation priorities).

I don’t agree with the notion that social media like Twitter makes people less capable of meaningfully tackling structural issues in their society. I believe that virtually every social injustice we’re seeing today was going to happen (and has been happening) due to how large nations divide people via both distance and democratic disempowerment. Social media at least lets us stay aware of those malevolent forces, though to a level of information access we’ve never had before, which has represented a huge uptick in stress for the common person.


If the world could somehow shoot capitalism into the sun than social media would be good. But since we can’t in the near future i would turn off things like Facebook and Twitter in a heartbeat. They make the world worse

Edit: I should probably clarify that I mean stuff like Facebook or twitter. Communities like this one are mostly okay, I don’t think they actively make things worse


I’ve only ever been on Twitter and I don’t tweet and primarily just follow artists and cosplayers and, like, animation bots, so… s’all working out alright for me so far, ngl.

Kinda weird how people look at you when you tell them you’re not on Facebook, though. Probably more so back in like 2010 than now but it was weird at its peak how much of a social entry barrier social media was for a while, like you couldn’t be social if you weren’t taking part in it. Shout outs to being anti-social, though, I guess.

My life and mental health have only improved since quitting Facebook and Twitter. So for me personally they were a net bad.

I don’t even think they’re that useful as organizing tools tbh. Like… I just don’t believe platforms that routinely sell data to corporations make for good places to organize against those same structures.


I feel many of the failings of social media come down to embracing closed platforms run by companies with, at best, questionable ethics.

I think social media is just the biggest example of the consequences of Internet usage migrating away from open platforms and towards centralized, proprietary systems which exist for the owners to squeeze every bit of monetary value out of them.

I don’t think some open source social media platform is going to come along and fix everything. But I would love for the Internet to take a big step back in the direction of being used for self publishing, rather than writing everything in someone else’s walled systems.


Gonna echo that sentiment that social media has been wonderful for connecting with people but its real easy to read a bunch of garbage that makes you feel like trash.

I had to block twitter on my home computer cause it was one of the things I would look at if I got bored. Its startlingly easy to “put your hand on the stove” and read replies to tweets you know are gonna be shitty.

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I’m trying to stop myself from going off on a rant about facebook. Definately bad.


Social media is objectively incredible because without it less people would see my incredible posts.


This thread is now incredible imo.


I became closer with a lot of really cool people in the ‘golden age’ of twitter but by 2017 it had essentially destroyed my spouse’s mental health and put an enormous strain on our relationship. I think Facebook is worse for the world but twitter has been worse for me, personally.

Facebook is bad in the way of like, it makes me feel like my mom’s mom. Like at any moment I could turn around and she’d be dragging something out of the garbage to play with. I feel a little bad making this comparison but like, she is pro-choice and pro-vax but has ‘accidentally’ likes / shared pro life anti vax stuff before because she didn’t realize what it was. I don’t go on there anymore so I’m not sure if this is still a thing but I touch base with her / my fam IRL a lot so it feels less important to interact with them online.