Has there ever been an animated tv show that you would love to see marathoned on the big screen?

When I say animated TV show I mean any animated tv show anything from Naruto to Invincible to Paw Patroll. For me, it’s Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal for it was the first time I ever saw an animated tv show and thought to myself, “I would really love to see this marathoned in Imax.” Simply because I think one thing a lot of Tartakovsky (who gave us Samurai Jack and the original 2d Clone Wars show) has always done incredibly well is emphasizing epic scale, and with Primal it feels like him doubling down on his biggest strengths. Like there so many sequences and in the show that I think would really shine on the big screen. In fact they did actually marathon the first four episodes theaters under the name Primal: Tales of Savagery unfortunately it was only done in London. But how about you is there an animated tv show you would love to see marathoned in Imax?

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I’ll be honest, you stole my answer. Primal fuckin’ rules.

the last five episodes of either Clone Wars or Deep Space Nine. I’ve seen episodes of Star Trek in a movie theater and it absolutely rules.


Seconded on the last five episodes of Clone Wars. Episodes 17-19 (I think) of Evangelion. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched Cowboy Bebop but I’m sure there’s a slice of that that would make good movie theater fodder.

I would also really love to see the Cowboy Bebop Movie in theaters.

Somebody pls release the Macross Plus OVA in theaters. Just all four parts, boom boom boom boom, keep the end credits since they rule. I think it’s about theatrical length anyway.

Btw, did know you that Bryan Cranston, THE Bryan Cranston, plays Isamu in the dub??

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I have the movie on Blu-Ray. It would also be a pretty good one for theaters

Turn A Gundam, no specific episodes, slap an intermission every 10 episodes and let me sit in the theatre for 18 hours basking in those visuals and blaring that phenomenal soundtrack.

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the adaptation of the judas contract from the 2003 teen titans show. also legend of the galactic heroes

I’d watch all of Batman: The Animated Series. I would love to see some of that Art Deco architecture on the big screen.


Maybe three years ago I caught the Cowboy Bebop film in the cinema here (same place has also showed Spirited Away and the 1995 Ghost in the Shell recently-ish, as well as repertory screenings of live action stuff. I’m hoping once I’m double vaxxed to start going back). Anyway, it was excellent seeing it in that setting.

As for what I’d marathon on the big screen… yeah, everyone saying the final arc of Clone Wars is onto something. Maybe a run of early Simpsons - around season 4, where you’ve got the monorail back to back with Mr Plow. I guess the real draw would be anything very detailed where the bigger screen is important: back to Cowboy Bebop, the series.

I’d totally go to an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon. That show has such good energy that I have childlike nostalgia for it, even though it didn’t exist until I was an adult. It’s just be nice to hear people laugh and cheer at the same things.

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I would absolutely binge Power Rangers RPM, the post-apocalyptic season with a layered narrative that had no business being as good as it was.