Has There Ever Been an Ending So Satisfying You Feel Complete Closure?


I’m right there with you, god I love that last move you do in the right and you just look at it and think oh. God I cried so much. It’s one of the few games where I actively think, persona 3-2 a la final fantasy would be rad.


I was weirdly satisfied by the ending of the BLAME! manga. The entire thing felt very purposely disconnected that when I reached the end, it felt right. It’s hard to explain, but the depressing tone and larger than life scale of the Megastructure and forces within made me crave an ending. Every now and then I reread it to feel the same feeling again. It’s so oddly perfect in my mind.


Children of Men was soooo close. I thought that if they didn’t show the boat showing up at the end it would’ve been amazing. But I love the movie either way.


The Shield for reasons previously mentioned, but the context makes it even better. At the time, many shows were ending ambiguously or with outright cop outs. Nobody seemed to have the courage or foresight to end their shows in a satisfying matter.* The Shield had always been a show where continuity seriously mattered, and to see it end in such a concise, satisfying matter was even better considering what was happening at the time (and even after. Lost, anyone)

*Sopranos is the big one people mention but I still think the true ending was in the second to last episode, so it kinda doesn’t count?


Black Sails ending really falls more into the latter category, I think. Some of the protagonists get what they want but not all of them. And even those who get what they want only do so at the expense of what other protagonists want. Most of the big questions are answered, but one big one (whether or not one of the main characters is alive or dead) is actually kind of open to interpretation.

I think the end of Black Sails works so well because the larger conflict is resolved (in a way that feels realistic…because it’s relatively historically accurate) and all the main characters land in a place that feels true to who they are.


Spartacus (the Starz series)! It’s relatively historically accurate so Spartacus dies. Actually, a lot of the main characters are dead by the end. BUT the gay couple survive! Steven DeKnight specifically made sure to write that the gay characters survive as a sort of mea culpa for having killed the gay characters in the first season. Plus also the end is great because, like Black Sails, it’s really about each character reaching their own conclusion as the larger conflict ends.


Orphan Black ended this weekend and I thought that ended superbly, with all the loose ends tied up and closure for all the characters.


While I enjoyed that Black Sails ended well and feel good about how it ended i am a little bummed. The ending we got is closer to “real” pirate history and only happened due to the series ending, and them actually giving us closure. If it was renewed and still going strong we be gearing up for the great pirate war. I remember seeing this pilot at comic con and the creators where there to talk about how they would be drawing on both historical and fictional pirate and pirate stories and how they wanted to create there own world. Where anything could happen and they did that but I wonder how far they would have gone. Would we have seen a flash forward in the age of pirates new crews new locations a alternate timeline where historie as we know does not happen because of how strong the pirates are.

this probably explains why i enjoy one piece so much as it takes lace in a world where pirates stayed pirates even as time and technology advances


As with many topics I’m gonna point two index fingers in the direction of Skies of Arcadia and make wild finger guns at it over and over.

Pew pew


I love that game so much. I love the way it manages to be anime, whilst also avoiding some of the genres most tiresome pitfalls (a protagonist with a legitimate thirst for adventure, whilst never being either whiny or too sure of himself). I also love the way it subverts colonialistic narratives to some extent. The Ixa-Taka are portrayed as noble savages, until it becomes very clear, that they use that perception the party (and by extension the player) has of them very deliberately to their advantage. I could go on, but I’d just keep rambling whilst lauding the games praises. :slight_smile:


I remember feeling oddly satisfied with how The Perfect Storm ended. I was really worried, towards the end, that it was going to get a very syrupy Hollywood ending, and when it didn’t it was ‘good’ somehow, even though it wasn’t.
The bad ending of Life is Strange (Chloe dies) was also like that, it was so sad but it felt like how it was supposed to end.