Hate Crimes Committed in New Zealand (Content Warnings: Violence, Death)


Hey folks,

Regarding the news of hate crimes in New Zealand, we just want to remind everyone that we don’t need speculation, minute-to-minute updates, or discussions about gun control. Many people are impacted by the recent shooting and we need to be mindful of that. Similarly, please be extra vigilant about using content warnings & rot13 and avoiding posting details, and don’t try to expose yourself to footage where possible. We hope this space will be valuable for coming together over this tragedy.

Waypoint Mod Team


For Twitter, turn off autoplay. Settings -> Accessibility.

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If the connection between Pewdiepie and nazis, the alt-right, and the far-right wasn’t clear before…



Important to note, if you’re browsing using the official Twitter site or mobile app: turn off video autoplay as instructed above. It doesn’t matter if you’ve turned on the quality filter, it doesn’t matter how many white supremacist accounts you’ve already blocked, every Twitter thread has the potential for bad actors to re-post the video.

In the case of every high-profile activist posting about the event, I would advise caution opening up the responses. Members of those fringe groups will be out in force, don’t expose yourself to it.


Also, if you’re like me and mostly follow games people and the Waypoint crew on Twitter, maybe avoid Patrick’s profile/tweets for the time being since people are posting the video pretty frequently in his replies seemingly more than in Austin’s or Natalie’s.


Let me just chime in from experience here that you absolutely should not watch this video or any video like it. It can be easy to feel desensitized to this and think that you can handle it but please trust me, it’s not something you want to live with.


I mean, i logically know that that people like them are complete scum who will do absolutely anything to make the world worse. But still, there come a point in which we think that people “Sharing video of a mass shooting to trigger the libs” just leaves you kinda speechless. God i don’t know, my heart goes out to everyone impacted by this tragedy


I’m going to try to avoid the manifesto as well - which is steeped in memes button-pushing chan bullshit. What a fucking world.

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Christchurch is my hometown and although I don’t usually live there, I’m here right now. I would just like to say - Michael Pachter just made some weird comment on Patrick’s tweet about it being “Pi Day” in NZ and if that is his goddamned analysis of this situation he should never analyze anything ever again. Sorry but this is raw. There are obviously worse takes out there im sure but I haven’t seen them yet, thank God.


I am extremely angry right now.

Every time… EVERY TIME I see people demand their right to free speech it’s just an excuse to use hateful language towards other people and it just leads, inevitably, towards this kind of violence. So you know what? Fuck freedom of speech. Some people should never be allowed to talk if this is what it does.

The government aspect of this is another discussion, one I don’t have a calm enough mind to have right now, but as for private platform holders? GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Ban every person who uses the kind of language that encourages this kind of violence, both explicitly and implicitly. I don’t care if they’re Ben Shapiro or PewDiePie or whoever. Put them in the bin!


As a Kiwi, I’m pretty ashamed that this kind of thing would happen in NZ. Fuck

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I’m a bit shocked about all this. A coordinated attack on two mosques? It’s scary that it’s gotten to this point.

Can someone explain to me the connection PewDiePie? I’m seeing them linked but I’m honestly not sure what I’d find if I searched for PDP and Christchurch at this point.


From what ive heard before starting the shooting, on video the shooter said “remember, subscribe to pewdiepie”

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I mean… not to simplify this too much but PewDiePie is a Nazi and so are these terrorists.

Edit: also sorry if this came off as though I was talking down or anything. I didn’t intend for it to be read that way. I’m just really angry about this whole thing still and likely will be for a while.

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How ironic that statement and the gaming comments on his manifesto were will be a source of a lot really harmful and pointless debate over the coming days.

One thing is for sure. Pewdiepie is a white supremacist figurehead, and his connection to this incident will be responsible for more attacks like this.

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I don’t personally believe Felix Kjellburg is a legitimate Nazi, but his cavalier attitude towards hate speech and events like the holocaust, as well an utter inability to take the criticism lobbied at him seriously, makes him a useful tool for actual white supremacist monsters

I think it’s likely that when the shooter said those words, it was intended as trolling, but it’s definitely worth considering holding folks like PDP and other “useful apathetics” (thx for that Eric Taxxon) over the fire in addition to the Nazi scum


I probably shouldn’t have called him an outright Nazi, but PDP as useful tool isn’t much better, imo. Useful tool falls into a category adjacent to sympathizers and then actual Nazis. If you aren’t actively speaking out against these positions you’re complicit in the violence that results. PDP is complicit.


Michael Pachter has always been obnoxious and out of touch imo. I rarely skip Giant Bomb content but I could never stomach any podcasts/streams where he was present.

Thoughts are with the friends and family of those involved right now.


The reason “subscribe to PDP” has become memeified recently is because there is an Indian media company, T-Series, that has been pushing to overtake PDP as the most subscribed YouTube channel. Both sides have had some fun with it, but it’s also become a rallying cry among a lot of YTers (many of whom should absolutely know better) to keep “one of their own” on top, rather than this massive media company. So that’s why it’s spilled over into things like signs at sporting events and the like.

I am sure many of these YTers just think they’re participating in some harmless fun, but yeah, it’s not harmless. Given the dynamics, it was inevitable that white supremacists would turn it into code for “fight off the invasion of non-whites.”


I don’t thinks it’s useful speculating over whether or not PDP is a legitimate Nazi. Considering his use of racial slurs and anti-Semitism in the last few years, what matters is that white supremacists think he’s one of them, and his lack of constant and blatant condemnation of their ilk makes him complicit in their use of his spaces to spread their ideology, as has been said.