Hate Crimes Committed in New Zealand (Content Warnings: Violence, Death)


I am having a hard time articulating how I feel right now… just fucking awful.

I did want to share this news video I saw on Twitter this morning as I found this man’s words somewhat comforting, there are good people out there.


absolutely horrific


I find extremely telling and disgusting that the majority of the right, instead of wishing love and recovery to the victims, are being like, “Don’t blame pewdiepie for this!”

Like… How COMPLETELY can you miss the tone right now, guys?


Found a link to some good places to donate some support of the victims. The sites won’t load though, so I think traffic is overwhelming them. Perhaps try again later in the day.


I just gotta say, in all seriousness, fuck whoever this Australian politician is. (Warning: racism, stupidity beyond words, etc.)


Apparently they weren’t actually elected; they came second (with 19 votes) but the winner was made in-eligible so they won by default?

Edit: Far more useful and informed comment from @dordreff below


This may not be related, but I just saw on Reddit that a bunch of the subreddits in the Paradox games network are going to take a harsher stance on the Islamophobia in those spaces due to this shooting. I think a lot of the crusader memes that white nationalists like to co-opt are within those spaces, so I’m glad they’re FINALLY doing at least something about it.

Well past time though. I don’t want to include a link to the post, because the mods reference specific hateful speech, and to be honest… While they are SAYING they’re going to do better, the post itself is very loose with how it approaches the subject, not the hard stance I would prefer. Filled with apologia and “we know you’re only joking!” Shitty reasoning, but if they stay true to their word and start getting rid of that shit, then hey… That’s a small win.

At least SOMETHING is being done about these specific dog whistles… Now if only Youtube, Google, Facebook, and other spaces gave a damn.

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As Andrew Gillum says “I’m not calling him a racist. I’m saying the racists think hes a racist”


Also be careful. Some of the comments (“never read the comments”) get into specific details of the shooting. I’m, uh, kinda fucked up after reading one of those.


Yeah, I’d say be aware of every social media space for a while. I was talking about it with a co-worker, and he told me he watched the video and then started going into intricate detail about it. I clearly looked uncomfortable, but there’s a lot of desensitization amongst Americans and online people who see this shit way too often.


i’m distinctly dreading work this evening because i know i’m just going to have this event played on repeat, despite me not wanting anything to see about it. I’m not going to see any of the bad stuff, but even before “the bad stuff” occurs is going to not leave me in a good mood. I know “poor me i have to see some shit” isn’t 1/1000th of importance, but jesus i’m having some anxiety about it.


Strongly advising people not to even click on the trending hashtag on twitter as a source of any news or updates or anything btw. You will immediately stumble on pictures even among the top tweets.

This whole thing is horrific, and I’m starting to really wonder what will finally be the wake up call for platform holders to start taking right-wing extremist content seriously on their sites. Like I think the average person still really underestimates just how easy it is to fall down the far-right rabbit hole on almost any major site you go on. It only takes one or two videos/posts about some poorly researched anti-immigrant nonsense or some shit about “saving the west” before the YouTube algorithm does the rest of the work and radicalizes people one meme-filled shitpost anti-sjw video at a time. It’s disturbing and literally no site is doing enough to stop it.

As for cesspools like 8chan and other places run by seriously fucked up individuals with zero accountability? I honestly don’t know what to do about them. We can only hope they implode on their own I guess, but there’s too many to count of course and the truly vile stuff on there is what really seems to push people over the edge in the end.


ISPs, like social media companies, are private entities and can do pretty much whatever they like. they should feel as free as they literally are to stop servicing these people and their websites. They’ve done it to other racist websites, and they should keep doing it. would love to see the chan sites get their racks switched off.


I think the real issue here would be the sheer number of them. As soon as a company started properly cracking down on them in a serious way, they would spread like weeds twice as fast and embolden the “free speech” crowd into making their own little disgusting corners of the internet to gather in. I just don’t see ISP’s devoting the resources long-term towards screening and removing them on a consistent basis, especially since they’ll never face the same pressure from the public the way Youtube does for doing shit like straight up feeding kids racist videos on a regular basis, for example.


I don’t see them realistically committing to this, either, but I do see a future in which consumer pushback is so strong that they are economically enriched by doing what is asked of them. As to your proposed hydra theory, like yeah that does happen to a degree, but is it truly stronger for it? Places like Gab exist, but if they were anywhere near as influential as Facebook or Twitter, Laura Loomer & Co. wouldn’t be throwing fits over getting their checkmarks revoked or getting “shadowbanned” on these other (real) websites. Deplatforming is inarguably successful; the fact that they eventually find a platform elsewhere isn’t the issue - the issue is that the platform is significantly smaller.

All this to say that nothing is stopping social networks, youtube, and ISPs from doing the right thing except for their endless handwringing about whether or not acting would “set a dangerous precedent”. NEWSFLASH: your ToS isn’t the fucking constitution! you’re not a fucking public utility! CHRIST


Places like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook get the most heat from the public so they are forced to (often reluctantly) take action against this sort of thing, and of course I’m all for it, and I think we’ll see even more of it to come. But like I said the pressure is perpetually on them as huge, public-facing entities. Social media giants are where the majority of the media and public’s focus will be for the foreseeable future. But the completely unmonitored hives hidden everywhere are simply not in the public consciousness in the same way.

A lot of us here are likely very Online, and we know what sort of heinous discussion boards exist, but not enough people are shouting about them to make ISP’s wake up and take notice. I’ve heard more about 8chan in the last 2 weeks than I have in my entire life, despite it breeding what I can only imagine are countless extremists over the years. Deplatforming Alex Jones and the like is crucial, but making sure these sorts of people and their more dangerous followers have nowhere safe to gather anywhere is something no ISP or search engine or anyone is doing enough about, and I’m pretty skeptical they will take serious action anytime soon. It’s not an easy thing, but it should be the ultimate goal.

And yeah you’re completely right, we’re gonna be hearing a lot of arguments about “the thought police” and “the fine line between free speech and hate speech” and the importance of “freedom” in the coming days and it will be absolutely tiresome. Killers were free to absorb and spread violently islamphobic propaganda and shitposts and now 49 people were brutally murdered because of it. I’m not looking forward to hearing people lecture me about how we all have the right to say anything at all with no consequence, even if scores of people end up dead because of it.

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This whole “Anning only got 19 votes” thing is an oversimplification that’s being used a lot to deflect attention away from the real and significant problems in Australian society that actually lead to him being elected so i’m gonna talk about it real quick.

The short version is that while Anning himself only got 19 first preference votes, the party he was standing for (One Nation, which is even more racist and nationalist than the name would imply) got 250,000 votes in his state, enough to get them two Senate seats (nation-wide they got almost 600,000, and 4 seats). Anning was listed third on their ticket, so the first two members were elected. One of them, Malcolm Roberts, was found to be ineligible due to holding foreign citizenship (i think British), so he had to stand down. Because of how our electoral system works, that meant that the replacement had to be the member of the party with the next highest number of votes - this was Anning. He immediately left One Nation because as well as being evil people they’re all entirely incompetent at everything except hate speech, so he now sits as an independent.

People in the Australian media, especially those who’ve spent their careers playing to the right-wing, are making a big deal over the “19 votes” thing to avoid having to acknowledge their own part in promoting One Nation and their vicious hateful ideologies. People here really want to pretend like it’s just an outlier that Anning is the way he is, or that at least one of the attackers was a white Australian, when it’s really a clear and damning example of just how horrifically racist a country we really are.


I gotta say, people getting up in arms about the “violence” of Fraser Anning getting egged by a 17 year old, that he subsequently struck, twice, and was then taken down by at least five men, is some next level, universal brain, “civility nerd” shit.

I am in awe of the thought processes of these people. Like, WOW.


Man, I’m still having a hard time processing this. I’m in Melbourne, Australia and the fact this happened in NZ and by an Australian citizen it feels so close to home.

It’s crazy that since 9/11 we’ve been fed a constant stream of media about Islamic terrorism. From here in Aus that always seemed a million miles away, almost a fantasy. The few interactions I’ve had with Muslims in Australia were always positive. They were polite, decent humans, the idea that extreme Islam existed in Australia on any scale seemed ridiculous to me.

Now seeing what these alt right, white nationalist are capable of, mass murder, has me rattled. I potentially run in to these people all the time. You hear that bloke making racist remarks at the pub. You see cars with “Australia - Fuck off, we’re full” bumper stickers. These alt right edgelords frequenting my online spaces. And Christ, look at Fraser Anning, one of these dirtbags is in our parliament. These pricks are everywhere and how long until another one goes from online troll to terrorist.

Maybe I’m getting old and being a father now has me a bit more shaken up but I can’t remember the last time a news story has frightened me like this.


I think it’s worth pointing out that New Zealand implemented gun bans in response to this attack within a week:

One week, and bipartisan support.

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It’s like they didn’t even bother to try “thoughts and prayers” first.