Have I messed up my fingernails for good?

Hey folks, former long-time nailbiter here. Like, REALLY long-time. From the age of 5 to a couple months after I turned 28 earlier this year, I rarely if ever saw the whites at the ends of my nails because I was just constantly gnawing them away.

Now that my overall life anxiety has significantly diminished–and with the help of a fidget spinner, believe it or not–I finally have proper fingernails that I trim and rasp on a weekly basis. I think. The issue is that comparing my nails to other people’s (specifically other guys) the whites at the end start appearing much “sooner.” Here’s a picture:

Given enough time, will my nails lengthen out and grow in more traditionally? Do nail shapes differ between people? Or have I permanently messed up my nail beds from habitual biting?

I used to bite my nails about as much as you did for as long as you did. Mine are fine now and yours will also be fine.

Nail shapes do differ between people, though of course that doesn’t preclude the possibility of your past nailbiting having made an impact of some kind. They don’t strike me as looking particularly strange in that picture, though.

Those nails look decidedly within the range of normal. No cyanosis. No clubbing. No discoloration in general. You even have good lunula. Your finger tips seem to be healing from what I’m assuming was also cuticle biting. (Source, RN who has seen some bad fingers)

Are you talking about the distal edge of your nail plate (the pink part) not being even? That’s just humans lacking symmetry. You could always get a French Manicure if it super bothers you.

When I was a kid, I got two of my fingers smashed between the hinge of a door. Now, almost 20 years later, they’re very almost looking in line with the other nails! So I think, given time, you’ll definitely see improvement, if there’s any to be made!