Have You Been Lured by the Trailer's Siren Song? (Video Heavy)


Was thinking in the shower just now (where all good thoughts occur) about the early hype around Mass Effect: Andromeda and how, with going for the exact right angle I wanted the series to go in, it lulled me back into a series I forsook after Mass Effect 3. But I was still weary about the whole game until this gameplay trailer:

I wasn’t sold per se, but I was definitely far more on board with the game than I thought I could ever be. Over the next few months I grew more and more invested, but never actually pulled the trigger and preordered it or bought it on release. Mostly due to being broke.

Then the reviews came out and, while some swear by it, it was underwhelming for most of the video game playing media and public. I was baited. The trailer sang her siren song and I lowered myself into the sea of hype.

Of course, that’s not the intention of the developers behind the game. You always want to make the best game possible and have trailers that get people excited for it. But the effect is the same: you saw a trailer, you got unreasonably excited for it, and the game came out and was a disappointment.

So… yeah. Post the trailers were the ones to get you excited for a game that you ended up disliking or that you were disappointed in.


bioshock infinite, although given how the first two were poorly written as well i shouldn’t have fallen for the trailer in the first place. im just grateful i got a free copy with a graphics card and didnt actually pay the full 80 bucks for that trash


No Man’s Sky looked sooooo promising in early gameplay trailers, and I got excited, but then…well.


Assassin’s Creed Revelations had such an evocative E3 trailer and was the followup to such a good game that I was entirely on board even though I wasn’t confident of their ability to make another good Ezio game.


Every Far Cry other than 1 and 2.

3 and 4 could cut a fun enough trailer but hoo boy were those not what I’m looking for in a Far Cry. In 4’s defense though, I had a mission scripting bug on PC that made it impossible to progress, so it could be the best game and I just don’t know.

And I absolutely adore Blood Dragon’s spirit. It’s got gumption. It’s got moxie. It’s got kinda boring kinda fast. But man what video clip it made.


It was an amazing trailer, but I was one of those people who wasn’t into Brotherhood and had my fill of Ezio’s adventure after 2.

Assassin’s Creed 3 on the other hand…

Having an Aboriginal main character in a AAA game?!? I was sold the moment I noticed. The rest of the trailer was just building onto that hype.


The color palette of NMS along with space dinosaurs definitely got me interested. Unfortunately I am not really into survival+crafting genre. I did hear the fans are loving the major updates despite the rocky start.


To this day, I still don’t understand how the hype for No Man’s Sky got so out of control.


Assassin’s Creed 3 is the game that made me a patient gamer. I decided, spur of the moment to buy it on the night it released. The GameStop I used to work at was doing a midnight release (remember those?) for it, so I went, and bought it.

I’ve never been more disappointed in a game. Nothing about it clicked with me. I played every single one up to that point. Sure, Revelations was a bit of a misstep, but 3 was just… bland. Boring. It’s been so long since I played it, I can’t quite point out what made me bounce off it so hard. I don’t think I’ve paid full retail for a game since.


Yo remember the Prince of Persia 2008 trailer? It felt really unique in a year where Army of 2, Fallout 4, Saint’s Row 2, Far Cry 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, MGS 4, Gears 2, & GTA 4 all came out. Also was in an era when people thought they may still like platformers. That game supposedly had a look & feel & that trailer sold that hard. Also they had Sigur Rós in their trailer!


you mean Fallout 3 right?


Man, that’s rough. AC3 has a lot of missteps but … Haytham is still the best villain in the series by miles, IMO. His relationship with Connor carried the whole game for me. (plus stalking redcoats in the snow as a mohawk is :ok_hand:)

Personally I’m pretty sure I might never have gotten ME: Andromeda (or at least not had as high of expectations) if not for the N7 day vid with femshep commemorating the Andromeda project launch or whatever. It really sold the premise for me.


Turns out I should have listened more to the trailer with the Johnny Cash song playing. (which I was NOT a fan of. Not the Mass Effect I know and love.)


I have a lot of qualms with the Assassin’s Creed series, but time and time again I find myself going back to watch those excellent theatrical trailers. I think Revelations was the one with “Iron” by Woodkid, which- damn, there hasn’t been a better pairing to of music to trailer imho. I never finished the game, but I still go back to watch that trailer


Metal Gear Solid V. Those trailers were super Metal Gear! And the bookends of the game were also super Metal Gear, but hoo boy was the actual game part not all that Metal Gear. The minute to minute balloon abduction safari was good if not great for the most part, but it wasn’t a good Metal Gear. I finished it, and I bet Steam would clock me at the 80/90 hour mark, but man was I disappointed in it in terms of being a Metal Gear game.

I feel like I’m turning into an episode of Idle Thumbs with how much I’m bringing it up, but the game part of MGSV was a better Far Cry than Metal Gear sequel.

Also MGS3 is the best one.


Didn’t think of this one until you brought up MGS 5 but I’ve gotten and listened to song from the death stranding announcement trailer. This is still a fucking amazing trailer, even without the song, but man it’s good.

edit: trailer from kojima not ign with shouting in the background


My dude! The amount of music I’ve added to my lexicon from trailers is absurd. Top of my head I have Woodkid, Garbage, Low Roar, and Mike Oldfield on permanent shuffle rotation, all from video game trailers.


I wouldn’t say I was disappointed by Metal Gear Solid 5 but the trailers were really effective at telling an entirely different story. It was a game in itself, and Kojima keeps doing that since the bait & switch from MGS2.

For MGS5, I don’t think it was even wild expectations at that point. I think I was sad that the speculation ended because it was fun. It kinda was like MGS4 in a way, players had their own stories to tell from what they saw, Kojima couldn’t beat that because his mission was to explain and clarify loose ends whereas players wanted to push them further.


Not a game (sorry if this is derailing the topic’s scope), but I’ve felt this feeling most strongly with Man of Steel. I enjoy (and believe in!) the running joke that this trailer as a whole is more compelling than how the movie ultimately turned out.

In the end this probably just means that Snyder/the trailer editors had a stronger grasp on the tone than how the story supports those themes. But jeez that music? With that editing?


Bionic Commando 2009 broke my heart. Rearmed was just terrific, and they really nailed the swinging mechaincs but the game they built around it was such a snooze. Occasionally they would throw you into a boss battle, or an open area with mech suits to fight and you would get a glimpse of what could have been.


Yeah, Revelations I think was worth it for that trailer alone. It’s one of the best this industry has ever produced.

Another example of mine:

God this was such a good first look at a game that I had no business being excited for. The Last of Us was the perfect storm of mechanics and genre that should have repelled me away from it, but Naughty Dog’s eye for world building and cinematic storytelling lured me anyway.