Have you ever bought a special edition for a new game?


In the wake of Fallout 76, I’m left wondering if there are any special editions that were worth it. I’ve never bought one that comes with anything physical, but I may have for in game stuff. I really don’t remember them though. So have you ever bought a game that came with a statue or art book that you were happy or unhappy with? Let’s not laugh at anyone if they have. We are all marks for something.


The closest thing to that I’ve ever done was pre-ordering Wind Waker for the Ocarina of Time/Master Quest Gamecube disc, and pre-ordering FFXV for the King’s Tale downloadable game.

Ocarina of Time was better.


I’m not much of a special edition guy, but there was a brief period of time in the 360 era where buying at launch got you the game’s steelbook case. I got super obsessed with those, especially the ones for franchises like Mass Effect, Bioshock, or Modern Warfare where the case holds all discs for the entire series. But with the shift to digital, there hasn’t been much incentive for me to buy any special editions. I’m honestly surprised that people still buy them, but I guess they really like game branded swag.


I’d like to have a few things that shipped with special editions in retrospect, like the Platinum Chip that game with NV’s special edition, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt the desire to buy one proper, no.


I think the last time I bought a special/collector’s edition for a game was Guild Wars 2. I love love loved Guild Wars 1 and was already planning on playing 2 on launch day so it seemed like a good idea to get the big special edition. It had a cool statue of a Charr character and a really nice artbook plus a soundtrack. I was ultimately disappointed with the game but put a ton of time into it and hey that Charr statue is still sitting on my shelf so I’m not really disappointed in that particular edition of the game or anything.


Warcraft 3 which came with an amazing art book, poster and soundtrack CD is the only one I can think of for physical things


I used to get more when I was younger, only because it seemed like back then you got the limited edition for pre-ordering and you got some little chotsky or something, not some absurd statue or prop.

The two weirdest ones I got were the Saints Row IV: Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition, and the Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for the PSX which came with a creepy puppet.


In 1999 I bought the Special edition for Outcast, which came with a t-shirt that was way too small, a mousepad and an Outcast Windows theme, complete with wallpaper, custom mousecursor (I think? It’s been a while) and sound effects.

Though the game went on to become one of my favourite games ever and I actually didn’t intend to buy the special edition at all. It was just the only version of the game I could find in a store.

Aside from that I’m not really into collectibles. My place is really messy at it is, so I don’t need more stuff to take up valuable space that could also be used for another pile of old letters or notebooks.


I used to buy them more in my teens. The last one I bought was the Fallout 3 Special Edition. The Pip Boy bobble head is on my desk and the lunchbox is storing some sex toys, so they are still getting use.


I have a couple times, usually if it’s for a series I really love or if whatever is included seems really cool. Last two ones of note are Fallout 4 Pip Boy edition and Monster Hunter World Collector’s Edition.

Oh I’ve also dabbled a bit in special edition consoles/accessories. Like the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Dualshock 4 or the 500 Million Limited Edition (translucent blue) Dualshock 4.


I bought the Halo Reach Legendary Edition when it launched. It came with some cool little pieces of art, a code for a flaming helmet, and a big old statue of Noble Team. The statue has been in the big box that the entire thing came in for at least the last 5 years.

Picture for reference:


I’ve bought a couple. The most useful one was GTAIV. I still use the pewter keychain. The lock box is the perfect height and width for my desk drawer. It stores all my misc cables. The duffel bag gets used a bunch too. The soundtrack CD sucked and the art book is alright. It sits on the bookshelf with other art books.


I bought the special edition of Fire Emblem Fates as it was the only way to get the three “versions” of the game on a single cartridge off the get go. I have a pretty big mental hang-up over downloading digital games when a physical copy exists so this became a circumstance where the special edition made sense although I do not recall it having an advantageous price.

I will say, aside from the game itself, I found the rest of the special edition material (an art book and slip case) pretty cheaply made and not impressive. If that were the sort of thing I was interested in, I would be pretty bummed out.


I went through a bit of a special edition phase. I got the AC3 edition with a statue of Connor. It’s a quality statue and a conversation starter at work, but definitely not worth it. I also got collector’s editions of Fallout 3 and 4. The Pip-boy from Fallout 4 was way too unwieldy to actually be useful, but for the last 10 years I’ve used the Vault-tec lunchbox from Fallout 3 to store any and every kind of battery I could ever need, which I’ve always felt was apropos.


Genuinely thinking about it, I think the only actual special edition I ever purchased was the Super Mario All-Stars special edition for the Nintendo Wii that came out about a decade ago.

The case looked like this, it was relatively hard to find at launch but I think it’s pretty easy to get now. It came with a neat art book and a soundtrack CD, but the game was precisely just the SNES Super Mario All-Stars game which felt a little strange to just pop in the Wii like that


I bought the special edition of Skyward Sword because it came with a motion plus controller, which I didnt already have.

Also a really great CD with a bunch of orchestral Zelda music on it which is very relaxing.