Haypoint 101 (Stardew Valley Thread)


Haypoint inspired me to leave Cappy, Mario, and the Odyssey for a little while and get back to The Grotto, my farm, which in light of recent events I’ve renamed Chillout_Farm. Sharing farms on PC/Mac is super easy with upload.farm, but unfortunately you can’t pull your save file off the Switch, so I took a bunch of pics in a tour of my farm and uploaded them to twitter, pulled them down, and uploaded to imgur in an album. I think an easier solution is to upload them to an album on facebook and share that or download that album and upload it to imgur.

I still have some work I want to do on this farm and it wouldn’t be what it is without advice from Sparkletone, Joel, Dapp, Ladyflash, and Robowitch, so I wanted to make a thread where others can post their farms, or even just bits of farm they have questions about. Lategame / plot stuff should be spoilered, but I don’t think it’s necessary to spoiler what the best crop in x season type questions.

Anyway, here it is: Mo’s Chillout_Farm on the last day of fall in year 2 (click the pic for the album).

Come on, Haypoint! Let’s see your farms!


I have not played Stardew Valley but I have to say that this is probably the best thread title in the history of the Waypoint forums.


All I want to do is play with my dog and I don’t know how!


You can pet em. I would love a fetch minigame though.


I am only on Summer 10 of my first year so my Farm isn’t much to look at yet, but Haypoint has made me want to go all in on Stardew and hey, winter is settling in so I need something cosy.

Watch this space for updates from Coolegrane Farm! The name is from the village in Ireland where my family is from (which I think is derived from cúl le ghrian, approximately “back of the sun”). Currently it’s just me, my kitty Matček (Slovene for cat, and also just a really good word for cat) and my first chicken, Tapers.


Odyssey has distracted me, but I am really looking forward to getting back into Stardew once I’ve finally beat Odyssey! Does anyone have tips for how to effectively use your time during the winter? I usually spend a lot of time in the mine, but it seems pointless when it’s not a lucky day.


How do you keep yourself motivated? I just can’t keep myself going, I start to feel overwhelmed with how many things I can do, and feel like i’m behind if i like, didn’t fish and mine that day or something. I’ve restarted like 5 times and give up after like 10 in game days. Maybe it’s just a me problem.


I looooooove this farm. Bunny Island makes me very happy.


The only thing I can really say is that there’s absolutely no need to rush anything in this game. The “goal” isn’t very strict and you have plenty of time to do stuff. There’s also no way to go broke in the game, so sure you might not be absolutely perfect at anything, but you also don’t have to.

Personally I feel the game really clicked for me at the end of the first year. It was a struggle at first, but once you’ve reached Winter you have plenty of time to take care of things you’ve previously neglected.


The Haypoint stream made me so happy. I loved Stardew Valley on PC but now that it’s on Switch I find myself going back again and again to do just one more day. One thing I’ve never done is experiment with the different farm types, have any of you tried them? Which ones do you like?


That is some neat branding there, Mo.

Also autumn is the best season in this game, hands down.


Best purchase yet for my Switch. Love this game and love how relaxing and pleasant it is compared to other games I’ve been playing. It just hits the right spot for me these days, and like others have mentioned here I’m not that far into the game. I even have my 4-year-old playing every now and again and she just kind of does whatever and it’s so nice. :slight_smile:


My first PC playthrough I had a river farm, much like Mo and Joel. This time around on switch I’m just using a regular farm and it makes me anxious how much space there is!!

The islands of the river farm make it really easy to plan things out. You have limited space, so each island naturally gets assigned a single purpose. It’s neat.


hrmm hard to say, the end goal for me wasn’t a big crazy farm - but rather just getting by and always moving things around, always improving, the nice thing is that everything about your layout / crops / etc can be changed… especially in winter. at the end of each season your non seasonal crops die too, so if you planted the wrong thing / place / etc you can always switch it up.

i really enjoy the whole journey…like just watering a plant is relaxing to me, but maybe not for everyone.


I’ve only done the river farm myself but the Mountain and Forest farms look really interesting to me.


Summer of year 3, I’ve got a nice home brewery going in the kitchen. Pleasantly surprised by how many kinds of booze you can make in this game!

Downstairs the wine and cheese are aging nicely.


I’m on at least my third playthrough, this time inspired by various people trying to do get the community center done in one year. I’m in winter and I’m probably going to end up short a couple apples, a red cabbage and a pomegranate so next try I need to make sure I to work on planting trees earlier and hope I get lucky with the traveling salesperson on the red cabbage.

I would show off my farm but I spend absolutely no time laying things out so they rarely look beautiful, especially since my kegs/preserve jars, etc are all just sitting on my farm until I get either a shed or a bar specifically for them.


Looks Great!

I hadn’t thought about putting kegs in the kitchen, but makes sense, I’ll have to try that.


My goals for winter 2 are: hit the mines on the good days, I could use some more irridium for upgrades. On the days that aren’t good days I’m gonna try and up my relationships with everyone. Coffee for all! Also put some fishing time in. The Seafood Bundle and Bulletin board bundles are the only two I have left. Would like to complete the community center sometime in Y3


Made a farm, played for like an hour on PC, downloaded the Switch version and here goes! My character is Crono (because of that one Toriyama hair option) at End of Time farm, we’ll see what he gets up to!