Healers, Get Ready For Major Changes to Mercy in 'Overwatch'

Don't expect to get any more full team resurrections after this patch. But hey, you can fly now. That's something, right?

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Wow. That is not a minor change.
I think I’ll be way better at playing Mercy. It seems like one person always dies and I’m just waiting around for someone else to die near them.

I’m very excited for these Mercy changes. It sounds like a solid plan to keep her in position as best straight up healer while reducing the incentive to let people stay dead if they aren’t dropping fast enough.

I still probably won’t be able to play as her for a whole round without raging (off mic) at my team for just letting that Reaper walk between them and shoot me in the face.

I haven’t played with the PTR Mercy at all (and would rather wait for it to be ironed out than jump in to test and not provide feedback), but I have to say that I don’t really like that she’s being redone. I’ve never felt that Mercy was a ‘skill-less’ character and I found that, after sitting down and playing nothing but Mercy for a few weeks, her toolset isn’t as easy to pick up with as it initially seems. Unless you’re working with a solid team, the five-person Resurrection is a very rare event, and ‘going and hiding’ was easily punished (either by ill preparation or a canny enemy).

I say this because I feel like the inspiration for these changes are from people on r/Overwatch whining about ‘top 500 Mercy’ and players who prefer playing as her. My temptation is, admittedly, to just dig my heels in and want to keep her as she is, but I hope that Hawkins’ optimism is right and it will only benefit the character.

That said, I’m still not reconciled to the Bastion tweaks, so maybe I’m just impossible to please.


Yeah, it definitely feels like a lot of the balancing they do is to please high ranked players. I guess that makes sense because those players are very visible and sort of help sell the game, but I really liked Mercy the way she was.

I kind of like that the new ult biases towards battle mercy. When I switch in to that mode and it works it just feels amazing, like pulling off a magic trick.

This has turned me into some sort of sick fiend who is constantly playing mercy to get the quad rez achievement before the patch goes live and presumably the requirements change. nobody will know if I got it the old way. but I will know.

i think this is how a lot of games tend to get balanced (at least Dota 2 seems to largely get balance patches in response to major tournaments). i guess like you said visibility is a large part of it. probably not just because of a publicity thing, but also because it’s much easier to use a relatively small and stabilised pool (in the sense that most people at a very high skill level use their characters’ tools in similar ways) and balance around that rather than assuming what would or wouldn’t work for lower skill brackets.