Hearthstone Discussion Thread. Play Right. Play Wild

Heathstone is a Competitive Card Game made by Blizzard, developers of hit games like Rock N’ Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings, and some MMO I guess. That MMO has a universe – Warcraft – which is the theme of the card game, featuring famous enemies and characters from the franchise as well as new characters made solely for that series. Since it’s release, Hearthstone has seen FOUR Adventure Expansions and FIVE Pack Expansions that drastically alter the meta of the game.

It’s Available on PC, iOS and Android – all cross compatible with one another.

Wild Players, bless your hearts.
Standard Players, we wish you luck in the hellish landscape of Quest Rogues, Pirate Warriors and Warp Mages.

Standard isn’t so bad! at least there are viable builds for every class and it’s not gadgetzan where you were either a Jade Druid or you were fucked.

I have a very love hate relationship with this game. I love actually playing, think it’s very well designed and super polished, but the grind is just soul-crushing unless you want to spend time of money buying packs to fill out a collection. That being said for all of the criticiam Un’Goro has gotten for being super expensive I actually think there are a ton of cheap very viable decks, for standard at least. I don’t play much wild, it scares me honestly.

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Yeah, wild seems crazy overwhelming on the outside, with all the old meta decks still in place and the opportunity to create all these insane decks that cross different patches. It’s fascinating but also really confusing.

the standard meta is the most diverse it has ever been this long after an expansion. there are about 15-20 viable ladder decks depending on how you count paladin(RIP warlock though).

I pretty much play every day so if anyone wants to add my bnet handle is anyprophet#1410

I was hoping there would be more waypointers into hearthstone. hopefully bumping this thread can get things going.

I haven’t played in over a month, but I’m going to jump back in.

My bnet handle is Momme#2212

Disclaimer: I’m real bad at Hearthstone but have spent an unreasonable amount of money on it, because I really like opening card packs.

yeah. I once added up all the money I’ve spent on this game and it is not a small number. I justify it because I’ve played it almost every day since the first closed beta.

big news for new players and people looking to get back into the game!

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Holy shit, that is really significant. Oh man, I’m gonna end up spending so much fucking money again…

I’ve been a F2P Hearthstone player (save for that $5 Welcome bundle from last year) and this a great change. I decided to start stockpiling gold for the next expansion last week after finally hitting the legendary pity timer on Un’Goro.

The pack changes sound welcome for people looking to get into the new format.

With that said, my Hearthstone experience has almost entirely been Arena-focused for the last few months. I’ve eased off in the Un’goro meta because my gameplay style has changed, but I really enjoy playing Arena, although I’m not exactly amazing at it! I made the mistake of building my card career around an EU account, so I don’t really get to play with my friends.

here are some good sites for getting back onto the ladder:


the vicious syndicate data reaper report is a very good breakdown of the current meta game. right now there are a lot of decks hovering around the 50% mark. any of those are good to climb with.

hsreplay logs millions of games and gives a lot of stats on decks and individual cards. it’s a very good tool for finding new decks and tweeking them.

hearthstone top decks is pretty self explanatory. it’s a quick reference for the best decks in the game.

rogue quest getting nerfed finally

Primordial Glyph nerf when

Standard ladder is getting super predictable at this point but at the same time these decks are pretty manageable to work against. Even Quest Rogue to an extent if you play something like Priest (which should BE ABLE TO SILENCE THE BUFFED ROGUE MINIONS AFTER CRYSTAL COVE IS PLAYED) or Warlock.

Hunter is the cheapest deck in the meta right now to shit out so I’m seeing a lot of these dudes with these same ass, boring Hunter decks

Oh one more thing; that Wild Open stuff is gonna be dope. Wild HS is like the Marvel vs Capcom of card games. MAXIMUM fuckery.

glyph is fine. the real problem with freeze/control mage is ice block. i’d like to see that card go to the hall of fame after the next expansion. it would allow them to print better control AND burn cards since mage just can’t hide behind such a powerful safety net.

hunter and warlock combine for bout 4% of the ladder right now. the rogue quest nerf will open up the ladder for more control decks so hunter should see a bit more play. but jade druid may just push out control entirely. jade idol was a mistake.

Yeaaaaahh Ice Block gotta go. Can’t believe I’m being forced to run Eater of Secrets now cause of it

Which is still a super awkward card. 4 mana 2/4 just to ditch some secrets? Not even worth playing, shit you may as well play Hunter if you wanna kill Secrets.

it’s bizarre. blizzard clearly doesn’t like freeze mage. they nerfed all of the freeze spells in beta and moved ice lance to wild yet they refuse to address the actual problem.

Blizzard balancing circa 2004.

The previous packs (GvG, TGT) and Adventures (BrM, LoE) are coming back to purchase from the b.net shop!

I greatly recc the BrM pack. Dragon cards are ridiculous in Wild.