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I already bought them back then, but the adventures were pretty fun and think they’re worth playing.


the next expansion is Knights of the Frozen Throne. EVERYONE is a death knight!

this is exciting. it means they’re probably focusing on more control and midrange style decks. and lifesteal is yet another anti-aggro tool.


Do they all just upgrade the Hero Power like that 6 drop legendary back from TGT?

I saw the DK Hunter and…lol 2-mana 2 dmg AOE after turn 6 is wild


The cards announced so far look fucking terrible save the priest spell. Heres hoping they have some better reveals later.


The Hunter DK card is basically infinite value, and signals that they still really want control hunter to be a thing.


i don’t think deathstalker hunter (while a super good card) is enough on its own to make control hunter a thing. i feel that control hunter needs more ways to draw its pretty good reactive cards (stuff like unleash the hounds, hunters mark, grievous bite) from its actual deck to really be consistent. making zombeasts are a great wincon, but aren’t consistently reactive enough on their own.

really hoping hunter gets that as well as access to good life gain. (promising with how lifesteal is a mechanic)


the AoE is tied to the card’s battlecry so it only happens when you play it. the hero power is to create a zombie beast by stitching together 2 random beasts that cost 5 or less.

it’s a slow card for sure and the 2 AoE and 5 armor are meant to help you versus aggro. but control hunter will need a few more tools to support this. like, way more good removal options. there’s a reason why warrior, priest, mage and shaman have had the strongest control decks in the game.

I think the 5 cards they revealed are supposed to give us a representative sample of the set. they usually leave good card reveals until later. also it’s impossible to tell what’s actually good. everyone though hunter quest would break the game but it’s one of the worst quests aside from warlock.


Now that Knights of the Frozen Throne is out, how have folks been finding it?

I’ve been digging into Arena and so far am absolutely loving the new Druid card Crypt Lord. While I’ve only played two games with it so far, the potential for it to become a runaway train that locks your side of the board behind a really annoying Taunt has shown itself both times. The potential synergies it has with any minion that summons other minions (e.g. Big-Time Racketeer, Bilefin Tidehunter, Grim Necromancer) get the ball rolling early and set you up really well. As a big Druid fan, this card has me very excited for the potential power of the class in KFT.


KFT is a bit of a let down, but that’s because Ungoro was my favorite set to date. While the new mechanics are interesting, they all feel ‘solved,’ like there’s no new ideas to explore. That being said, I’m enjoying my first steps into Death Knighthood. I got Valeera the Hollow and Deathstalker Rexxar aka The Fun Ones. I think most of the new cards for Rogue and Hunter are kind of bad, but the games go just fine with the old toolset.


Got Shadowreaper Anduin in the prologue but don’t have enough cards to run Medivh Priest with it, then got Moorabi as my first legendary so I’m sure I’m being pranked here.


5 Mana Druid Spells that spawn 1/5 taunts by how many minions your opponent has

maybe frozen throne is bad


All of Druid’s common and rare cards are 1/x and I’m not sure whether to find them hilarious or not. I’ve only played with them and not against them, but the amount of times a Crypt Lord (posted above) or Spreading Plague (as you mentioned) has given me a decisive advantage has been non-negligible. I’ve only gone 7-3 and 3-3 with Druid so far, but I don’t think a 12-win is terribly far off…


So I’ve been playing Evolve Shaman in standard (got Thrall, Deathseer), and an okay-ish divine shield/silver hand recruit paladin (don’t have the legendaries for it, but still).

But uh, I just decided to throw Cobalt Scalebane in to my Dragon Priest deck, and… like, whoa. Cobalt Scalebane is a lot. Plus I’ve been running Archbishop Benedictus in it, and… that can get pretty interesting. Counters mill decks pretty handily, too.

I’ve been getting in to Priest lately after I got the Tyrande skin, and gosh I really want those legendaries. Seriously considering whaling when I’m in a better financial situation.


My friend and I have been workshopping a Medivh Rogue deck using Runeforge Haunter (your weapon does not lose durability on your turn) to flood the board with cheap minions. The idea is you play Medivh with RH on the field so Atiesh never runs out of charges for spells. Then you play a bunch of cheap spells to summon minions. With Valeera the Hollow I can play quite a few. Combine that strategy with the poison cards, so your Atiesh is capable of Lifesteal with a higher attack, and the Burgle mechanic, so you have more interesting spells to play than just Rogue’s cheap ones, and it almost works. It’s kind of a halfway point between Miracle Rogue and Burgle/Weapon Rogue. It’s a crazy setup and I’ve only gotten the full combo to work once so far, but it is a lot of fun regardless.


Doesn’t really seem like a great idea to me, considering Atiesh summons after Prep reduction, Rogue spells are pretty low cost already, its extremely susceptible to board clears and you’re basically gambling to not get Doomsayer if you play any 2-manas. At that point you might as well just play Onyxia for the same effect.


True, but Onyxia ain’t as sweet as a goofy combo. I think the deck will actually work if Rogue gets one or two more weapon tools in the next set. Then Medivh becomes a late-game swing instead of the current end goal. Or I could move it over to Wild, but I don’t have that many GVG or TGT cards so I would have to spend my precious dust to make this goofy dream a reality.


Yeah Cobalt is a really solid 5/5 to run into DPriest, or at least to draw from Netherspite.

Trimming some of the spells to add Bone Dragon + Cobalt into my DPriest has proven to be quite interesting. Not to mention Bone Dragon is a good card to use in tandem w/ Quest Priest

@Lilly Yeah Thistle Tea/Sprint aren’t worth using Medivh on.


Godddd, I wish I had the cards to run one of those crazy Reno Quest Priest decks. But that’s why I run Archbishop Benedictus. Well, that and mill rogues


Who’s excited for balance chaaaa~aaanges?

The cards Blizzard is tweaking are Druid’s Innervate (from giving two mana to one mana) and Spreading Plague (boosted up to 6 mana from 5), Warrior’s Fiery War Axe (3 mana from 2), Shaman’s Hex (4 mana from 3), and everyone’s Murloc Warleader (now only gives a +2 attack buff).

Most of these seem like changes for the sake of constructed more than arena, so I don’t have strong views on most of them, although Fiery War Axe being smacked down towards average is reallu rough for Warrior (likewise for Shaman). Neither are dominant Arena classes right now (and Plague isn’t why Druid is so strong in Arena right now), so these changes are fairly irrelevant to me.


I like the changes for the most part. I don’t know how much it will change things meta-wise, but I’m interested to see the stats at the bottom and top of the ladder.

  • Innervate needed to be toned down because it’s an auto-include in nearly every Druid deck. I’m not sure it will see much play, but I can see a world where Druids just keep playing Innervate because they needed something to put in their decks.
  • Spreading Plague was (and still is) way too good. I wish they had made them 1/4s as well.
  • Fiery War Axe needed to be changed, but they should have given it some kind of armor-gain effect to offset the cost. Even “Battlecry: Gain 1 Armor” would be fine. Now it’s just a worst Eaglehorn Bow, which only just started getting played again.
  • Hex is a weird one, but I think I get it. It brings it in line with Polymorph and I think Blizzard will be moving Shaman in a Mage-y direction next set.
  • Murloc Warleader didn’t necessarily need this nerf, but it’s easier on them than rewriting how auras work so w/e