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war axe and innervate have been the two best cards in the game from the beginning and needed to be nerfed a long time ago.

i would have like to seen all of the druid scarabs go to 1/4 but I think the innervate nerf will be a big enough hit to the power level of the deck that it doesn’t matter.

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow. spent the day climbing to rank 5 with keleseth rogue at a 75% win rate. so this season’s legend push should be relatively easy.


DK Paladin is the most fascinating hero card for me right now. I could do some nasty shit with this dude


kinda hope the new expansion isn’t pirates. I hope they wait until golakka crawler rotates out so that pirates are actually fun.


Golakka crawler feels like it would be way too good if pirates became more prevalent. I sure don’t want more polarized match-up on ladder but there has to be better ways of keeping tribes in check than a single hate card.


yeah i don’t like hate cards like crawler or hungry crab. i don’t understand why they have to gain stats. imagine if the black knight gained +3/+3 for killing a taunt. it would be in every deck and no one would play taunts.


The hate cards in the common/rare neutral slot can make for some irritating experiences when playing in the Arena, as it makes certain cards much worse. Naga Corsair can just lose you games by being an effective six/seven-mana tempo swing on Turn 4/5. It’s rough.


I feel that if you make forced synergy cards, not my favorite thing but they can have their place, then making forced anti-synergy cards is just cheap and bad game design. If you made pirates or murlocs too strong as tribes the way to solve that is by making the synergistic effects less or by strengthening other options in the sets.


Any suggestions for beginner play? I’ve been getting my ass kicked. I only want to hit 20 so I can get card backs. Any suggestions as far as the thought process behind how to play and suggestions on decks?


You could do worse than watching these introvideos by Trump. The cards might differ a bit these days but the theory is solid imo.

In general though I’ve found it helpful to watch other good people play the game. Find some streamers you like and watch them play.

Are you on NA or EU? EU here so if you are there and want to spectate me thats fine, just hit me up with a DM and I’ll send you my battlenet tag. I don’t play too much these days due to time constraints and other games interesting me more but I try to finish my quests at least. I’m not the best player but at least I’ve reached legend a few times so I don’t suck entirely.


Pack day today it seems, got the latest tournament packs + Free Classic pack via the launcher (seems to be only redeemable on one region unlike awarded items, e.g. the tournament packs) - https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/21113932

Mobile users:

To redeem your Classic Card Pack on mobile, go to account.blizzard.com/gifts to claim


toast has a pretty good new players guide with decent free decks you can make:

there are a just couple of things i tell new players to focus on:

-don’t rush your turn and play your cards out because they’re green. think your turn through and then play your cards.

-always be counting for lethal damage. even veteran players can tunnel vision on board control and lose a game. as i get towards the later turns of the game i keep a running total of the damage i can do.

-don’t get mad or discouraged when you lose. think about things you could have done better. like all card games hearthstone is about building up a huge library of experiences that inform your decision making in the future. if your opponent does something good and beats you they just taught you a valuable lesson about how to win in the future.

-watch a lot of streamers play the game. because it’s a card game you can actually learn a lot by watching other people play. i suggest clicking around on the top few streamers and finding someone you like.


Thanks for the link. I’ve been meaning to get into Hearthstone for ages now but with the way the game has changed since it’s been out (I played till the second expansion) It’s just been a daunting prospect.


i just got professor putricide from one pack and lillian voss from the very next pack, and i am struggling to think of ways to use either. putricide is theoretically really fun, but hunter secrets are just so weak? and i don’t know how you can use voss in any deck at all, honestly? like, in what context are random spells better than cheap spells for miracle rogue, or hard removal spells, or spells you deliberately picked for your deck for whatever reason? seems rough.


Both cards are terrible (but at least they aren’t moorabi)


how’s everyone finding the new arena event? i’ve done 3 runs so far and i’ve done horribly unfortunately, but i’ve found it super fun. i keep picking warlock as my second class, which is nice for the hero power but you have to be careful with your life total if your other class is a weapons class.


it’s the most fun I’ve had in arena in years for sure.

Voss is only good in a rogue deck focused around stealing cards. there are a lot of bad spells out there and playing a yeti to reroll them is decent value. the deck is fun but bad.


Putricide could become quite good after the next set and rotation. Depends on if the things that make hunter secrets bad (Patches, cheap board clears) are still prevalent in the meta.


Rogue seems to be the ‘must have’ class in the dual arena format. I’m not buying any arena tickets because I finally cleared my legendary pity timer on this expansion again (DK Anduin) and started saving gold for the next expansion.


I’ve been playing a Putricide deck that seems reasonable that I found on Reddit.
I want to make some of my own changes, probably adding a Lich King.


I’ve found combo arena to be fun, especially since I can work on “play x cards of [type]” quests even when I’m not a fan of those classes individually. Also, Frozen Throne might be my favorite arena expansion ever? All the cards kind of feel like Classic 2.0 (except the Mages “frozen” cards which I refuse to experiment with), and they slot easily into stuff the whole year of sets has been doing.