Heaven Will Be Mine


I just finished my first playthrough of Heaven Will Be Mine, so predictably I am sobbing right now. It’s everything I’d been hoping for and more. It’s got all of the transcending what it means to be human of We Know The Devil, plus it is 100% All-Natural Grade-A Austin Walker Queer Space Mecha Bullshit.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Heaven Will Be Mine is the new visual novel from We Know The Devil developers Worst Girls Games and Pillowfight Games. By the way, I recommend that you play We Know The Devil too, because it’s an incredible game, and you can do all 4 playthroughs in ~2 hours. Also it’s implied in Heaven Will Be Mine that We Know The Devil takes place in the same universe, so that’s cool too.

Also I’m gonna link the soundtrack too, because it’s so so so good.
I recommend listening with headphones. Oxygen Ocean is the best track on the album. (And Alec Lambert has an extended version on his Bandcamp!)

I can’t wait to play more, but I had to post on here and see if other people are playing. I’ve got at least 3 more playthroughs to go - potentially as many as 11 more??? Probably not, but I’m just thinking - 3 characters x 3 factions, plus the “true” ending, which maybe you’d want to get with all 3 characters as well? I mean, probably not, but who knows. I can dream. This first playthrough, I played as Saturn, and I got about 50% Memorial Foundation, 75% Celestial Mechanics, and 0% Cradle’s Graces, and I got the Celestial Mechanics ending. I want to see if anything new happens if I go 100%-100%-0%, or 100%-25%-50%, and then do the same thing playing as Luna-Terra and Pluto. This is all probably overkill, but it’s who I am. I played through Oxenfree like 6 times over the course of a weekend because I needed to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


I super want to play this, but I’m going to go play We Know The Devil, first. I also don’t play many visual novels because my ADD gets me fidgety.

Also, I actually have some connections to Aevee Bee so I could go and thank her for the gays


I bought it and have started the first day or two of my first playthrough, but I’m holding it up there with Kentucky Route Zero in terms of Holy Dread of actually engaging with it. Mostly because I’m afraid it will be as good as I hope it to be.

…I really loved WKTD, y’all. It may take some time to nerve up to telling myself that it’s ok for me to give the gift of actually playing this game to myself; that I deserve it.


So far I’ve done 3 routes:
Saturn -“true ending*” >> Luna-Terra - “true ending” >> Pluto - 100% Cradle’s Graces

*this was mostly an accident.

I’ve enjoyed all of them, but I think you get a better overall story if you mix up your loyalties.

Pluto’s offhand comment that Mars should be a protagonist makes me want to believe she’s a secret fourth playable character, or that there are some plans for DLC/side stories down the road. I don’t think either is very likely, but I can dream.


How do you know if you got the true ending? Is it just 50% 50% 50%?


Is there a true ending? Philosophically, the 3 faction endings seem opposed to the idea of a true ending, and online it looks like the “true ending” is just a steam achievement rather than extra narrative


I’ve played through Luna-Terra’s storyline, saving so I could see how each option looked before determining which I wanted to go forward with, and I ended with 50-50-50 so I got to see all 3 endings with her. I loved it, but I don’t think I want to do another playthrough for a long while. There’s no new interactions with the character you previously played as, and the endings are the same no matter who gets them, right? I don’t want to skip past nearly half the text, but I don’t want to reread it either, so I’ll wait until I forget about the game to try a new playthrough. Until then, I’m happy with what I got out of it.

Also, on Saturn/Luna-T. Did anyone else see the option where Saturn poisons Luna-T, makes fun of her for getting drugged, and then does this weird ‘berates you and goes on about how I’m the only one who knows how pathetic you really are, you need me’ kinda deal? Considering that the fights are just metaphor for sex, it really turned me off of Saturn for a while, though her final hang out with Luna-T went some way to repairing my opinion. Did anyone else feel a way about this?


Essentially yes, but I don’t think you’ll ever see 50-50-50 in the faction map, it’ll be something like 50-50-37 before you do your last mission.

You’ll know you’ve got it because someone will say “everything is in balance”, so if you see that and the scene that follows, that’s it. Unless there’s some ultra-secret ending I don’t know anything about.

I put “true ending” in scare quotes b/c it’s easier and less spoiler-y than describing in detail what happens.

As for the endings yes, they are the same no matter who you get them with . IMO it’s worth doing at least one more run, each character gets different between-mission chats with their handler and you’ll also get the remaining scenes (ie. you did an L-T run, so you didn’t see any of the Pluto-Saturn stuff).

By the third run, yeah, I was starting to skip the mission dialogues I’d seen before, but Pluto and Mars have a lot to say to each other, and everyone’s emails are worth reading if you wanna see all the lore.


Can’t wait to dive into this one. Very much enjoyed WKTD and Lambert’s awesome soundtrack for it. Definitely my next to play after I finish/get close to done on my BT campaign.


Re: That Saturn/LT scene
I played that scene from Saturn’s point of view, and I’m wondering if that makes a difference. If I’m remembering the timeline correctly, in the introduction to that scene Saturn has a conversation with Mercury about how she wants to try to get LT to open up. She’s trying to get past LT’s stoic exterior and get their relationship to the point where they can confide in one another. So in the scene with LT, I was reading it as Saturn trying to get LT to open up by commiserating with her about how they’re both trying to seem cool and make it look like they know what they’re doing, but really they’re both just flying by the seat of their pants and barely hanging on. But looking back on it, I think your interpretation of that scene is completely right too, especially from LT’s perspective.


Thanks for replying! That’s a totally different context than I had going in. I was kinda blindsided, since the previous meeting had been fun flirty play-fighting. The writing is still weird in it, I think, but I’m glad there are other perspectives than the one I came away with.


Picked it up at launch but haven’t had the time to load up yet. Can’t wait to make a good night/weekend out of it like I did for WKTD! Worst Girls Games do some incredible work regarding queer topics and experiences and WKTD had me laughing and crying sooo much. Can’t wait to hear Alec’s OST work for this, too. The first time “Incense (Smoke & Honey)” dropped and echoed through my otherwise empty house was :ok_hand:


I bought this on launch day, and have done a playthrough with each character so far. It was really, really incredible. Especially Saturn’s route dealing with becoming something so Other that humanity deems it an Existential Threat, and “I can’t stand being human like this,” really resonated with my queerness. It hit me so hard that it got me to write poetry for the first time in like…half a year. I cannot recommend this game enough.


I just started playing this game this week, and I’m just bowled over with enthusiasm for it so far. I started as Luna-Terra (long wispy blonde hair, a scar, and a triple crosser? get this lady a pair of aviators…), but it wasn’t until I restarted as Saturn that the game really clicked for me. I enjoy how densely and obtusely the background info about all the factions is presented, but it was only after seeing two of the starting stories that I started to grasp what was really happening and what the stakes were. Plus, I absolutely love Saturn. As a former overachieving kid who had a very calculated rebellious phase, her whole good girl gone bad thing really strikes a personal resonance with me. And her dynamic with Mercury is just too good.