Hell Let Loose Community Server Events this weekend!

Attention Waypoint Community: This Friday at 7 PM EDT and Saturday at 2 PM EDT the community WYPT Hell Let Loose server will be hosting games (check the document below for more localized times).

We are announcing this in advance in hopes we can get our 100 person server full enough to not have to let in random players; however depending on how many folks are available we may try opening the server. We plan to always have at least 2 server admins scheduled for every community time we announce, incase one has to leave.

The server name is [WYPT] Commander Rob’s Heroes - Crowbar & Sickle Div. - US East, please send a DM or check in the Waypoint community Discord for the password. We will leave it password protected till we see how many folks we get, feel free to share the password with people you trust. We will have administrators there for 4 hours each day, check the google doc linked below for more details.

Hell Let Loose weekend meetup details


Definitely going to be there on Saturday! I’m really looking forward to unleashing hell with all of you.


we’re live now for the friday game, come join up!

As someone that doesn’t have a PC to play this game, but have enjoyed Waypoint’s streams/videos of the game, I was wondering if there were any plans of streaming/recording these community sessions? I totally understand if that isn’t the case, but was just hoping there was a way to be a part of this community fun even if I can’t directly play with everyone.

There are no specific plans to stream it however I do know that for this evenings games one of our mods did some recording and may put out a little video! Certainly not going to be standard going forward but there might be some community produced stuff like that from time to time!

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Thanks to drspaceman for putting this together! There’s some good Twitch and youtubers out there too for more informal play as well!


Lots of fun. Thanks for setting this up. It would be great to see if we can get 100 WYPT maybe some day

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I just took HLL off my Steam wishlist thinking I’d never have a group to play with buy YOOOOO I could be so up for thiiiiiis

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Yeah we will definitely be having more events! And also if any folks want to join the Waypoint community discord you can do that by messaging the mods here in the forums. We have a Hell Let Loose channel there with 80+ people in there regularly posting games they are in for small squads to join up! Excited to try and get enough for a full Waypoint server one day!