Hello new community, can we be Switch friends?


I’m new to this community like others, and I want to build relationships with new people. If you would like to, please add my friend code on your Switch.


I love playing Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 online. I also have ARMS, NBA Playground, and Fast RMX. What do you all play?


Hi Switch friend! Me too!


I only play Arms and MK online much right now, but I am considering daring Splatoon 2 :wink:

Sent you a request just now. Edit: same username.



I’m not online too often, but i love some Mario Kart when I am!


Hey everyone! My friend code is 3274-4628-1314.

I mostly just play ARMS for right now, but my mediocre Ribbon Girl is ready to jump into the ring any time I’m online!



I havent touched my Switch that much lately because Im trying to clear a few things off my backlog before the pop culture explosion this friday, but I generally play Splatoon 2!


Sent requests to all! Down to pretty much suck at Arms and be however-it-is-people-are-at-MK anytime!


Will edit my Switch code in here later as don’t have it on me, but I love my Switch (think 75% of my posts since this forum started have been about the console!) It’s been my gaming saviour this year with the arrival of a baby on the house. I have loved too many games to mention them all (I know it was derided at the start for not having many games, but most of the ports I hadn’t played before so since day one pretty much I have found plenty to buy) but outside of the usual MK/Zelda love I have thoroughly enjoyed Steamworld 2, Golf Story, Puyo Puyo, I am Setsuna and Neurovoider. Oh and Splatoon 2.

Currently trying to complete Golf Story (last course is super hard) before Mario Day.

Edit: SW-5018-3653-0132


Right now I’m just doing another playthrough of BotW but there’s always a little MK8 thrown in the mix too.


I haven’t had a lot of time to play a multiplayer game in a hot minute, but I do love me some Splatoon and Mario Kart.


Yes why not!?
FC : SW-3394-8146-2614
Username 13rucie might change it to Squiddo someday but my twitter also shares that name tho.

Feel free to add me i am from EU if it matters but i accept everyone till my list is full :stuck_out_tongue:



I have Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe., love me some Salmon Run.
I’m burning through Fire Emblem Warriors right now before Super Mario Odyssey comes out, however I will jump in to Splatoon fairly often.


I’d love to be Switch friends but mine doesn’t arrive til Friday :tired_face:


Hey everyone. I added all of you. I do say some of you are dedicated with those play times!


If anyone wants to add me, go right ahead.


Feel free to add me. SW-7721-3650-5036

Hopefully we could get a Discord going for playing together, although I need a new mic.


Feel free to add me too! SW-5777-6426-9293

Mostly occasional Spla2ning at the moment.