Hellpoint: Dark Souls in Space


So who here has seen this game? I’ve played the demo a lot and while it still has some work to be done, dear God does it feel like it understood the atmosphere of the souls series.

Also, I didn’t realize how much I wanted platforming sections in a souls game until I felt my pulse race from a legit fear of heights. Doesn’t help that your axioms (aka souls) fight back when you die.

Demo is on steam and the Kickstarter page. Devs say a build with a boss will drop today sometime too.

EDIT: Boss has dropped. Devs are receiving feedback on their discord to improve the experience. Go check it out


They have a demo? Cool. I’ll have to check it out. The footage I saw of it some time back seemed like it had promise.


It didn’t take much of that gameplay footage to convince me that I’m on board. Getting that Demo downloaded now.


I downloaded the demo a few minutes ago and managed to play a little bit of it. It’s got a cool look to it and you’re right, they do get that Souls atmosphere. Jumping was wonky to me though. I get the appeal of mobility in a game like this, but at least in this build it cancelled animations. I could stop an accidental heal or heavy attack by jumping. I’m sure that’s something that will be addressed if development moves forward.

I hope they end up hitting their Kickstarter and we can see what the team can do on a full game!


Demo is in pre-alpha so it’s a bit rough, but from what I’ve gotten from talking with them, most animations will be smoothed as time goes on


Argh, I really wish there was a Mac version of this.


Boss dropped. Can’t play cause I’m 400 miles away from my PC, but everyone in their discord has good things to say it seems


Describing a game as “Dark Souls but…” is a real turn off for me now. HOWEVER, after watching the trailer I’m interested.


Yeeeah hard to avoid that part sadly, and it at least does give it an appeal to many people. I hope one day we can have a more professional name for the genre than “souls-like”. Fortunately in this case, this very much captured the feeling of the souls series atmosphere.

Check out the demo and send the devs some feedback in their discord channel when you are done.


This looks pretty interesting, but I get the impression it’s falling into the same trap as most of the souls-like games I’ve seen: aping very specific, unnecessary aesthetic details of From Software’s games. There’s a weird NPC who giggles at you. Red text fades into the centre of the screen when you die. Why? Those don’t seem like genre-defining elements to me. I hope eventually game designers will figure out what this “genre” actually is, if that’s possible, but right now it seems like a lot of developers are just trying to copy as much as they can manage and hope that it works.


I think sometimes people ape specific aesthetic details of Dark Souls to encourage the Dark Souls comparison, even if it’s not to the benefit of the actual game.


Some of that stuff is placeholder currently. The UI is going to be completely revamped from what they have told me. It’s just easier to release a pre-alpha build with a familiar feel first, than it is to release it with an art investment that isn’t important at this level of development.

I do understand what ya mean, as a lot of souls like games love to rehash the same interface. To an extent, it is ok, but unique looks would be nicer.

As for the NPC, the lore in the game drove almost everyone mad due to a quantum reality catastrophe. So while yeah, they do take npc ideas from the souls series, it’s also hard to imagine it would be too different due to lore purposes. Frankly, most dark horror things have incoherent NPCs of some kind, because being up front with the player ruins the style.

I strongly suggest joining their discord and providing some feedback though. They love to hear from people


Okay, I figured they probably intended to redesign a lot of the UI. And I certainly don’t mean to imply that Dark Souls invented that type of character. But the Souls games definitely use characters like that in a very distinctive and iconic way, and I got the impression that they were specifically trying to evoke that. There’s nothing inherently bad about that, but I think I’d personally prefer something more different.