Help me achieve Destiny Zen

So, like many others in these forums, I too have been enraptured by the wiles of this addictive, beautiful, maddeningly frustrating experience that is Destiny 2. I’ve put hundreds of hours into the game during the past 2 months of me playing it, and have now experienced the majority of fresh content it has to offer - with one notable exception: The raids!

While it may come as a surprise to some, putting together a team of 6 individuals who have all put enough time into the game to reach its pinnacle stage, all have the same several hours to burn at a time, are all capable of clearly cooperating&communicating without rage quits AND who can bother to look up arcane, confusing raid mechanics is quite difficult. Imagine that!

So after several weeks of attempting to finish my first raid (last wish because I’m a masochist) with some pals, I’ve decided to turn in desperation to the waypoint community. Help me finish these Moby Dick-esque challenges so that I can turn the page on this game (until the next expansion comes out obviously). I need 5 people, preferably over 950 power although I’m not picky, who will help me drag my demoralized ass across the finish lines of these damn raids.

Thank you!

EDIT: Oh shoot! Forgot to add that I’m only a pc user, so playing with Xbox/Playstation accounts is no Bueno :frowning: still, appreciate any offers

If you are on Xbox, have I got a deal for you! slaps roof of Xbox Destiny waypointer discord chat this baby can hold so many more guardians!

If you’re in PC or PS4 I’m sure somebody will be along momentarily.


I wouldn’t mind running a raid, but I haven’t done Riven since the Auto-reloading nerf so I’m not confident completing that. Also I’m UK based so not great for timezones.

I’m a PS4 Guardian

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Also should add that since I’m free till about the end of the month time zones aren’t too much of a problem for me, so hopefully that’ll help

There are lots of active PC folks in the discord, so if you’re not already there I recommend checking it out. Instructions to join are in this post: Waypoint Discord

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I second this. The discord people have helped many, many others get through their first raid and are usually super helpful.

UPDATE: a very kind group of last wish veterans allowed me to join them and we finished the raid in about 2 hours, making my previous 20 hours of failed attempts feel like a joke. The quest for completion is one sixth done!


UPDATE NO.2: Leviathan raid is done! Despite the destiny companion app being unusable garbage, I managed to luck into assembling a raid party of enthusiastic strangers who were all eager enough to shoot through 6 encounters worth of cabal firepower and have now officially grown fat from strength. It was definitely a LOT less complicated than the last wish raid so we got through it pretty quick. Still, some of the encounters were really novel and fun! (the one that required sneaking around a small forest while not being seen be the cabal dogs was an all timer tbh)

Sadly, this is probably where a break will be due. I’m not gonna be available to play games for a good while now, so sadly I’d have to be content with completing a third of the raids in the game for the time being.

Congrats! You’ve now done more than the great majority of the player base! I’m happy you had two good, successful experiences.

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Congrats, you’re two steps closer to Destiny making sense.

Also, as someone of the unspoken people banned from the Discord: Sharkerie on Steam. I’ll be your Huckleberry for when it’s about 4:30 on a Saturday and that one guys drops from your group while everyone else says they can go for three more hours and you need someone to fill that gap.

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I too would be of aid to raid.

I’m on PC but I think I can play across multiple platforms now?

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There’s cross save, but not yet cross play. (Hoping that’s on the way as I’m getting myself a surprise PC this year: ohmygosh, me, you shouldn’t have)


Thank you both @Blackie62 @Velocirapture , like I said I’ll probably not be available to raid in the next week or two but when I eventually attempt to clear scourge of the past I hope we’ll be able to play together!

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