Help me find an old tv show/movie


I’m trying to remember the name of a TV show from my childhood. At least, I think it is a TV Show. I remember it being a series of 5-13 live action episodes on VHS tape from my local blockbuster in central California. Whether it ever aired on TV, no idea.

Here is everything that I remember:
Sometime in the future, there are two scientists working on time travel.
Evil Black Scientist is the superior scientist and, despite being in prison, managed to build a mech suit style time machine, complete with machine guns(piss poor prison if you ask me). He wishes to use time travel for evil things.
Kindly Older Gentlemen is the inferior scientist and, as such, he built a time machine that is vaguely reminiscent of a large minivan, with no weaponry.
Pivotal to their dispute are these time crystals which are scattered throughout the time space continuum. When they are collected and assembled correctly they do something of supreme power. Possibly control time and space. I don’t remember.
In the first episode, our hero is simply a 16 year old kid of the modern day out walking his dog. Along the way, he stumbles upon one of these crystals and is pulled into the minivan by KOG(the dog may also be tagging along). He is explained the situation and is forced to help him in order to restore his time(due to time fuckery, his home town turned into lava somehow). Also, I think they eventually snag a female companion along the way, who may have been the main character’s girlfriend.
The typical episode involved the gang pursuing a time crystal in various time periods with EBS always right behind. In one episode, they go to medieval times and EBS is set up as a Sheriff of Nottingham type figure in order to look for the crystal. EBS really put some work in on that one. This was not always the case as I remember vividly an episode in which the girl screws around with the time crystals and gets the gang stranded in a cave in a time period inhabited solely by giant poisonous talking mushrooms. The girl ends up taking a bite out of one of mushrooms and it becomes oddly sad as they have to find a way to save her.
As you may have surmised by now, this was a very campy show. I’m not entirely certain if this was accidental camp or intentional but it certainly showed up in their star trekkian cheap backdrops.
The main reason that I want to know the name is that I never got to finish it. And in the second to last episode, it was revealed, right after EBS was defeated and KOG got the last crystal, that EBS was actually the good guy and KOG was a douchebag who got EBS sent to prison. Then KOG stole the mech suit, took off with the time crystals and stranded them in time. And then, no future tapes showed up at Blockbuster. Nothing. For some reason, this show was oddly important to me and I want to find it before it disappears and is lost forever.

#2…_Time_Warrior! this sounds about right


Christ, you’ve found it. And so quickly. Thank you.


Not a problem! Glad I could help