Help me name the next XBox


Good morning everyone! It’s me, your old pal Jim Microsoft, here to ask for your help with a l’il something.

As you know, I’ve spent the past little while in the woodshop behind my Redmond home working on this new Xbox thingy for you all—you know the place, the same little workshop where I make all the ‘Boxes? It’s going all right, too, but as usual, I’m completely stuck for a name! Anyone got an idea for me?


Your Friend,

James Microsoft


I got a good feeling about Xbox One XX/ XOXX.

Or the Game Pass Machine.


Alright, I have a few options for you:

Xbox Six


Xbox Too Extreme, Too Much, Too Box



Olly Xboxenfree


Tyrannosaurus Rexbox

Okay I’m done :yum:


I was thinking about this the other day and came up with the best name a marketing bullshitter could; XBOX 5. It’s got Games, TV, Movies, Music and Sports all in one box; it’s the Xbox 5. Just because you know it’s the 4th Xbox doesn’t mean Joe Walmart does. The masses will call it whatever we call it and we’re calling it the Xbox 5. No longer will the Playstation be ahead, because when they release the PlayStation 5 we’ll be ready with the Xbox 5.


It might as well just happen :smiley: Looking at it from a serious angle I think Xbox 365, Xbox 10 and just plain Xbox are serious possibilities.


One of Those Nintendo’s


Xbox Zero or Xbox 2, it’s gotta be one of those.
Their coming cloud machine will just be Xbox for sure though.

Joke n/or Doke: Or maybe Xehaboxnort.


Xbox Dos

(It actually is a quiet reboot of MS Dos)






Pixels appear larger and more stretched making you feel more in the game than ever.




All joking aside, can you even begin to imagine the high quality pixels of the next Xbox? :exploding_head:


I’ve been saying this since 2005, but neXtbox has a ring to it.


The sixth xbox should definitely be called the SeXbox. Because sex sells, you see.


Drop the ‘X’. Just ‘Box’, it’s cleaner.

Or: Drop the ‘Box’.


Or, just X, which you have to pronounce as “Kshh…” like a very hip nightclub :sunglasses:


Xbox One 2

But the cool kids call it the ‘mic check’


Xbox X 2


All ya’ll are approaching this from the wrong angle. This is 2019, we can’t just put “X” in front of words and expect them to be more cool anymore.

No, we need something radically different. We need… The Box.

The. Box

“But, trty0, how is your suggestion different from @toppform’s?”

Well, first of all, you’re fired, second of all, my product is named “THE BOX”. IT’S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.