Help me name the next XBox


XBox Deuce

XBox Part Deux



X: Gonna Give It To Ya


Xbox 360/2

Xbox 360 Final Mix




They’re gonna call it… The Nintendo Entertainment System.


Imo if you call it Palstation 5 you can take advantage of Sony’s brand and the lack of awareness of relatives buying consoles at the holidays and it’s not even illegal except for the part where I specifically, in writing, stated an intent to infringe on Sony’s brand. None of you are cops, right?


We Are Rapidly Depleting The Planet Of Rare Earth Metals And Capitalism Is Not Ready 720


Xbox Uno Dos Tres Catorce

(yes that is a terrible U2 reference but ask yourself isn’t that exactly what microsoft would do)


Microsoft Present’s The Xbox aBundance Of eXperiences

or Microsoft Present’s The Xbox for short


Xbox 720 is the obvious choice but I would also suggest Xbone R as I am a child


Xbox Prime, for the standard console.
Xbox Elite, for the upgraded “Pro” version.

Edit: I didn’t realize this was in a jokes thread. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


χ-box (pronounced “key-box”)


The XBox 3, or XXXBox if you’re nasty.


I changed my mind: they should go the Guilty Gear route and just call it XrdBox


Xbox One X One: the XOXO

Alternatively, just make the real leap to YBox.


The SeXbox was, and still is, the only answer.


Harmony Gold Presents the Xbox by Microsoft.


U r all fools… thinking INSIDE the box… u have to expand ur brain cavity…

a box is just a box… butw what is more than a box?? something u can move




xXxXbox 360.2 Final RemixxXx


They last released the Xbox One X so logical it’s going to be the Xbox One Y. Xboney.