Help Netflix Recast Geralt

I don’t have strong opinions about The Witcher but this Henry Cavill teaser is

not great!

its just not working out supes

(we actually have a topic about this for serious discussion about Netflix Witcher)

Why does he look like Raiden in an even more budget version of MK?

Have you played The Witcher?

… …Legolost.


First we gotta recast Yennefer so she doesn’t look like an 18 year old

Me? Yes I’ve played the expanded edition of Witcher 2, personally I preferred the story collections. Though I never really linked Geralt as budget Raiden though the general level of incompetence is there upon reflection.

Turns out there’s already some clips out, everything is happening so fast those days!
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I’m just going to go with my gut here and say John C. Reilly is the only correct choice.


Cast a kid on Youtube who does live action film adaptations of his Kingdom Hearts fanfiction

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it would not work at all but im laughing thinking about jonathan banks anyway


I bet Nick Cage would kill it.

I can’t laugh at Nic Cage mentions anymore because every role people say he’s bad in is always on point (his character was legit losing his mind in Vampire Rain, for example). I’d watch a Witcher show starring Nic Cage, since he probably wouldn’t do his manic persona for the role.


Vampire’s Kiss is legitimately a great film!!

Make Michael Shannon do it!

Yeah, bet you all forgot we have a perfectly good grizzled voiced but not too grizzly affordable American character actor who can be exactly as sardonic and tired as Geralt needs to be.

Netflix, you know that upscale car dealership in Los Gatos? We’ll meet there to discuss my finder’s fee.

Nic Cage is in it is a living phase I feel like Michael Cane did in the 70s. Manic Cage would be a good antagonist in a historical/fantasy drama.

I’ve never played any of the Witcher series so my choice is going to be 100% correct:


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