Help Us Name Waypoint’s New Video Game Book Club


For May, we'll all be playing through cult-classic, robot-filled shooter 'Binary Domain.'

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The Designer’s Workshop?
Developer’s Workshop?
Writer’s Workshop?
Gamer’s Workshop? Probably not that one because then you will be sued for sure.

I like the ‘workshop’ idea, even though the devs won’t be present in the discussion, because it evokes some of the same things ‘book club’ does, but it puts the focus squarely into the critical realm, which I feel Waypoint does really well. Not only that, but workshops aren’t just classes to teach the students to write, but they also are meant to teach the students to criticize. I think that’s a worthwhile goal.

thinking about it, I really like “Waypoint Workshop,” because it retains the naming convention of Waypoint Radio


Pretty soon as the game was revealed on the podcast I downloaded Binary Domain. I wasn’t aware of the time-frame so I just booted that bad Bo up.

For those playing on PC and are confused by the… ambiguous button prompts, here’s the manual since it doesn’t look like there are any keybind options in-game :upside_down:

Also of the names listed in the thread above I’m a fan of “The Brooklyn Definition”


Waypoint>look inside. (Riffing on interactive fiction commands…)
Waypoint>Hello, World? Too Cheesy? Hmmm.


as shared in the unofficial thread regarding this:

Minna de Waypoint
Play Club
Ludic Group
Games Together
The Games Well


The Waypoint Submarine cuz y’all deep diving or something.


Tour Guide
Symmetrical Single-Player
The Play’s the Thing
Back Catalog Club



These aren’t great, but I want to riff on the “guide to gaming” tagline with the Waypoint crew guiding the community to games they think are worth revisiting.


Trappin’ to the Classics.

  • and then you play trap music in the background the entire episode.


How about Bonus Round


Here are a few:
Checkpointing the game
Load the waypoint
Waypoint boot up
Working our way to the waypoint
While we were sleeping
Making our waypoint
Waypoint’s bookin’ the club


Have some spaghetti!

  • Talkthrough
  • Required Gaming
  • Chillabus (just because the above made me think syllabus)
  • We Played a Thing
  • The Gamer’s Almanac
  • Waypoint High Book? Club (question mark voiced)
  • Waypoint the Hedgehog’s Compulsory Entertainment for a Better Tomorrow


I was gunna say Wayback Machine, but apparently that’s a real thing?

So something like Playback Machine or Playback

Underrated But Appreciated


What We’ve Missed

New Classics


Waypoint 101
Final Fancast
A Shared Vice
Hot Coffee Podcast
The Brunch Club


Dusty Cases - a podcast about digging out those games you just never got around to playing.


I’m still repping for NewGame+
It’s classy af.


Savepoint. On brand, marketable, gamer culture friendly #CorprateSynergy
There’s also “Vice Gaming’s New Podcast” because the kids like podcasts and new things


As the person who suggested Waypoint Talkthrough in the other thread, I’m gonna throw a second coin into the hat for the truncated version.


I was thinking ExperiencePoint or CheckPoint. Keeping on the -point brand.


What about “Waypoint Reconnect”? I think it sounds good and it fits if you’re going to mostly be focusing on reconnecting with older games which most people either are only vaguely familiar with or have not played in a long time.

An alternative, much cheesier title would be “We Connect”. It’s a play on the word ‘reconnect’, but it also puts an emphasis on the community’s role in connecting with you and each other by playing and discussing a game together and it is grammatically similar to ‘Let’s Play’. The one downside is that if you say it out loud it sounds like a bad Nintendo peripheral.