Here Comes A New Year!


With the Earth’s relentless spin about to fling free the last shreds of 2017, it’s time to send off the old year and welcome in the new! Care to share any memories of 2017, hopes for 2018, or plans for the party in-between?

Also, apologies to the Australians for getting this up late, and also anyone east of the Urals!


This year I hope to clear my backlog of games. Emphasis on the hope.

I also want to get really good at Pokken Tournament and finish catching every Pokémon.

These things, for me, are true success. :joy:




i was unconscious for the first 6 hours of the year and i feel like it’s all going to be downhill from there frankly


we’re less than an hour out here and I’m ready to finally stop making mistakes and start doing everything right

forreal tho I want to move and probably try and dye my hair white in 2018 get hyyyyyype


I drank way too much Friday and yesterday so I’m super hungover and new year feels very “who gives a shit” to me right now.

I don’t mean to be negative, sorry. Happy new years everyone. May it be an interesting one.


That’s rough, I hope your hangover clears up soon!


Walking into 2018 with a baseball bat in both hands, shouting at it that we’re doing it my way this time


Oh, oh dear. Another one? I don’t know if I can do another one.


I’m trying this resolution thing this year, I’ll see how it goes. I really just want to make stuff, I had a lot of fun this year making stuff and I think I can break into a new method of stuff-making (like a new style of video, or a different type of writing). Also, I applied for a few MA programs in rhetoric and writing studies, and, hopefully, I get into one of them and I can start working towards that degree. I’m trying to go into 2018 with a sense of optimism, I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression this year and I think that unfortunately reflected in my outlook on life in general (luckily, I’m getting help with those). Rather than worrying about whether or not I’ll fail at something, I’m going to try just doing those things and seeing what comes of them this year. That’s my goal, I guess.

But, tonight, I’m going to drink precisely three beers and ask my friends to play Halo 3 multiplayer


2018: The year we all start a master’s program in Budapest.

And I do mean the same one, it’s going to be logistical nightmare.


You’re handwriting is excellent.

I don’t want to have to do a whole 2018. I barely wanted to do 2017 and then the year made sure to prove that I shouldn’t have come into it with anything even close to enthusiasm.

Auld lang syne ya’ jerkass year.


we’re a few hours in!!! I drank three glasses of water and I’m gonna start wearing hats maybe


Can I get away with a new years resolution to vote in every election I am legally able too and be good? Despite the fact I already do that (and have since I was 18?) As for 2017, despite ‘it was the worst year since 2016’ feeling, personally I accomplished a lot and am ending 17 way more positive then I did 16.

As for plans between now and midnight uh…dinner. Since I don’t drink, or celebrate new-years beyond watching it on tv.


Up the ante, pledge to vote in every election regardless of legality.


Wishing everyone a better 2018! :sparkling_heart:



The year is 4.5 hours old here and nothing catastrophic has happened (yet), which automatically makes it better than 2017 so far.

Hope it stays that way and that everyone has a good one.


Happy New Year you wonderful dorks


tuxedo mask santa claus


hope this year is less emotionally exhausting :tada: