Here’s The First Gameplay Trailer for ‘Elden Ring’

The long awaited gameplay reveal of Elden Ring is finally here and it looks like Dark Souls with a larger world and a ghostly horse.

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This looks sick af. I am hyped. I am so ready to roll through enemy attacks and die a lot, until I inevitably realize that it’s all a rhythm game and channel my inner Gloria Estafan to carry me to victory.


Fromsoft games are on the whole way too hard for me but this is rad


It was amusing being on Twitter for this because not many people knew about the Summer Keighley’s and then everyone was suddenly like ‘wait, why is there an Elden Ring trailer??’

Anyway, looks neat. Never played a game with mounted combat that felt great, but still, this kind of just looks like Dark Souls 4 and I am fine with Dark Souls 4.


There was a weird turn earlier today where suddenly everybody was like “KEIGHLEY HAS THE ELDEN RING TRAILER” (which I assume means there was a leak) so I saw a lot of people being very bored punctuated by the occasional “Oh, that looks nice” until the grand finale


The aesthetic is incredible. Like they just went balls to the wall creative with this one and let everyone in the studio develop some crazy, grotesque monster/boss design. Question is of course if they can make it coherent, but their track record is so good I have full faith.

Gameplay wise this largely looks like Dark Souls 3 with wider levels, but the horse seems to be more involved in combat than I thought, which is a good thing imo. If it will actually play like DS3 remains to be seen, of course.

A lot of bla, bla about lords and kings and queens and what are presumably gods again, but I expected as much. Though I have to say the narration of the first trailer, as well as the leaks was a bit more interesting to me personally.

Also, it seems the “cute level up girl” really has to be in every new From Software game.

EDIT: After watching the trailer multiple times, I believe that the combat will have much more Sekiro in it, than it might seem at first. Not just the stealth mechanics, which have been officially confirmed, there are scenes that indicate a dedicated jumping mechanic like Sekiro instead of the weird jumping from Dark Souls.
If this turns out to be true then my excitement will grow exponentially. Sekiro’s fast paced combat was entirely my thing and seeing it partly return and mix with Dark Souls is an awesome prospect.


I’m really surprised at the high fantasy in this. I mean, I always expected some surreal imagery, but with George R.R. Martin involved I thought there was going to be a lot of low fantasy politics to this game or something, heh.

Good to see it’s as weird as it is though.

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Danny O’Dwyer’s guessing Irish Mythology.

Which darn, I have never ever had any interest in a soulslike, but I do like the Hound of Ulster.


That horse double jumped.


This looks like Dark Souls 4, but I’m totally fine with that! Was also hoping for something a bit more down-to-earth like Boletaria, but the open world structure has me intrigued. And if all goes according to plan, we won’t have to wait much more to play it ourselves. I’ve never been a day-one souls player before, very excited for this first!

Was horse platforming something I expected from a FromSoft game?? Absolutely not! Am I obsessed with the idea?? Absolutely!!


I think somebody spotted that FromSoft or similar had updated their YouTube with a hidden video that was likely the trailer, but I must admit I was slow on the uptake and didn’t put it together until much later that yes, of course it would be the big reveal promised for the Keighleys

The running hypothesis was that if Elden Ring was going to be at this E3, it was going to be either here or at Microsoft’s thing, and Geoff has been hyping this to the Moon for a while now, so clearly he had something worth seeing.

That sure did look like a fromsoft videogame, lol, and I guess i’m kinda tired of those now


I burned out on Sekiro after the chained ogre, and looking back I know why (you can read my comments if you wanna go back that far lmao). I was in the middle of a really difficult semester; I was taking 4 classes, the technical editor of a journal, working 35 hours/week outside of school and the journal, as well as preparing for a powerlifting meet. I needed video games to be relaxing at that time, and Sekiro wasn’t.

That being said, I’m excited to be able to finally play a fromsoft game while it’s fresh and play it alongside the forum/server and discover new things and hopefully enjoy it. I’ll be in a much better place mentally in January (working and out of school).

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I know waiting Elden Ring became a meme at some point, but I had no idea that it is deep into celtic mythology. That has made me very hyped for it. Looks a lot like Sekiro in terms of speed and enemy design - I think it’s the hair. I got more open world vibes - I know From Software are heavily influenced by Zelda but this does look like the grim dark Ocarina of Time all those ‘people’ have been waiting for.

I also appreciate that it looks to be going all in on double handed big swords.

I know I’ve going to end up at the top of that golden tree fighting some beautiful creature that glows.


Damn, that horse got jumps.


Important question; does the horse poop? And can I throw them to inflict poison on the enemy?


This was my only thought. They created horse mega-jump pads. That idea alone is worth creating an entire video game to justify.


This looks pretty neat, and I’m fine with it being Dark Souls 4, although I wish they’d changed up the narrative structure at least a little bit from just like…"[sad adjective] lowly chosen must become powerful and get a macguffin for saving the world. Plus there’s some fire." That’s just Dark Souls copypasta with different proper nouns lol (and in some cases not even; you really went with the fire thing again huh?). Y’all can change like one thing in there and everything will be okay, I promise.