Here’s The First Gameplay Trailer for ‘Elden Ring’

I had to stop watching the waypoint Souls trailers stream when it was live - does anyone know if there’s an archive available anywhere?

There’s an archive on Twitch.

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Weird, I’m looking at All Videos and I don’t see it.

I believe it’s the Tactical Tuesday stream. They haven’t chopped it up yet and naming is off, but it’s in there somewhere near the start.

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Hero, it’s the Just Chatting segment. Thank you!


Some more details from a translated interview:

It almost sounds like a Dark Souls with an even more overt Zelda-ish overworld/dungeon split. Also, equippable summons! Does make this sound a little more adventurous than just a fourth Souls game.


This is really cool. The thing I was most enamored with playing Dark Souls was that it captured some of the wonder of going through Hyrule in Ocarina for the first time. To have a souls game explicitly follow Ocarina’s structure sounds amazing.


I keep thinking about all of the imagery in the trailer with arms/hands. Like, there’s a LOT of severed arms, extra arms, giant monster hands, etc. Especially when taken in conjunction with this image from the first teaser trailer from a couple of years ago.

I don’t know what to make of it, but I find it incredibly fascinating.


This is DEF the specific lord/demi-god who has all those arms in the gameplay trailer. And if you look closely, it looks almost as if these ones here are LIFTING him up, working almost autonomously.


could just be handeye coordination

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They were absolutely right, I AM “excited about the things I don’t know yet”. If that quote is any indication, a super open ended souls game with some more conventional overworld / dungeon distinctions, and combat that looks like it has a flow and intensity the likes of Sekiro, I think I’ll be losing a lot of time to this when it comes out, hoping for a real banger.


The severed forearm god reminds me of, and creeps me out the same way as, the Triskelion. Sure, most depictions are just three whorls joined at a center, but the origin is three legs.


Once you start having too many limbs cooperating in novel ways, my brain just goes places. It’s such a vibrant place to play with in creature design.