Here’s the First Trailer for ‘The Witcher’ Netflix Show

Netflix revealed the trailer for The Witcher today at the San Diego Comic Con. At the end of a panel with the showrunner and its stars, Netflix dropped a two minute teaser that’s full of monsters, magic, and blood.

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I don’t even like the Witcher and this looks disappointing.


This trailer mostly looks like Generic Fantasy Nonsense Mad Libs with a few familiar names dropped in, but

  1. I haven’t read the books and I’ve heard they’re pretty different from the games (despite the show obviously picking up some of the games’ aesthetic) and
  2. it’s early yet.
    So I’m going to go read the books and then we’ll see what happens.
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I’ve been getting Legend of the Seeker vibes from this since the first promos.

Legend of the Seeker ended up being fun because it didn’t care about its source material at all. It embraced itself for what it was—absurd fantasy escapism.

This is… probably going to take itself very seriously and doesn’t look like it can back that up?

Also, compare it to the trailer for this fan film…

I think it looks fine. :man_shrugging:


I’m gonna watch it and probably end up thinking it’s fine I just wanted an excuse to bring up Legend of the Seeker lmao


I put in around 10 hours into Witcher 3 before falling off (I strongly disliked the combat and the the game overall felt very overwhelming to me). So I was hopping this TV show would give me the inspiration to try to go back and play it again but so far this trailer does not look pleasing at all.

It is the first trailer so I not going to dismiss it yet but it does leave me with worry.

oh my god I’m so excited, it looks way better than I hoped.

Oh I loved legend of the seeker. I never saw episodes in order. They came on some over the air chanel on Saturdays and they’d run two or three at a time, but they wouldn’t always be sequential. I love syndicated television.

Looks like they’re adapting the books Blood of Elves and Time of Contempt in this season. Pretty damn hype for this personally. Geralt might end up more of a supporting character in his own show if they’re faithful to the books, it’s definitely more of a Ciri story right now.

It’d be interesting to see what’d they do if they got a Season 2, since there’s a pretty rape-y LGBT relationship coming up and that could be a problem.


Its source material made an immediate hard right turn into blatant fascism, racism, misogyny and white savior complex, so that’s probably for the best. What a fucking train wreck.

As for The Witcher, I admit I am kind of stumped. They’ve obviously got a budget, and the people involved seem genuinely invested in the source material, so it is very perplexing to see the direction they seem to be going in.

My hope is that this trailer was specifically cut to try to lure in still-mourning Game of Thrones fans and that the series won’t have quite the same tone.


Terry Goodkind more like Terry Badkind amirite

I’m actually kind of excited! My maim qualm so far is actually the set design.

That city set at the start looks like it was made out of foam for a D&D campaign. Especially compared to the environments in the Witcher games, which I think are some of the best “realistic” “medieval” environments in video games.

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I really didn’t think I would be but this trailer has me interested. Looks better than I thought it would be.

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So, beyond the fact that Geralt looks weird, what interests me about this adaption (at least what I’ve seen so far) is that the appeal to The Witcher that I’ve heard is more about the episodic nature of the gameplay. I own all 3 games but haven’t actually played them yet. But what I’ve heard is that individual quests kind of have this fairy tale quality where each quest is it’s own, self encapsulated fable. What I’ve read of The Last Wish is also like this; it’s a collection of short stories. That seems ripe for a TV adaption, and, in fact, it was adapted in 2002 as a miniseries, where each episode was a short story. (Apparently, it wasn’t very good.)
But this trailer seems to be more going for a Game of Thrones-style narrative, a broad sweeping epic.

For those who really liked these games: does that appeal to you? I’m genuinely asking, because I haven’t put in the time with these games/books, and I’m kind of scratching my head here.


A monster-of-the-week series would certainly have made me more interested in this adapation. I like short stories a lot of the time and what I’ve played of the The Witcher video games (mostly the third entry) suggested to me that it’s a fiction that lends itself to anthology, in contrast to the grander plot beats that tend to fall a little flat for me. The shorter quests were often great for exploring a specific theme or moral, which reflected the old fables a lot of them would pull inspiration from.

The trailer does feel extremely Game of Thrones to me, even in the framing and colour grading. Perhaps that’s the only would they were able to pitch it but it’s still a little disappointing. I might still give it a try out of curiousity but what we’ve seen thus far doesn’t inspire a lot confidence that it’ll be for me.


I’ve played the third game and read The Last Wish and that is exactly the TV series I’d want to watch! Each week Geralt and roach roll into a new town, solve a mystery, face a moral conundrum and slay a monster. Basically Xena Warrior Princess but with a grizzly white haired man.


Little off-topic, but I wish they would find a way to get the first 2 Witchers to Switch, too. If they can fit 3 on there then the first two for sure should be doable. I’m kinda just a person who feels weird about popping in on the third part of a story.

Anyways I like Henry Cavill and I hope this goes well for him and lets him regain some street cred after the DC movies.


I didn’t care for the Witcher games (despite playing 2 and a quarter of them), but what I did like was the small-scale nature of many of the quests. Geralt works best as sort of a monster hunter as private eye, whose work gets him involved in the personal tragedies of strangers. The Witcher stories I’d be most interested in seeing on TV are less Game of Thrones, more Raymond Chandler with wraiths.


The trailer doesn’t have me that hopeful but I’ll watch it. The one book I read was very enjoyable, so if it can capture any of that I’m happy. Of course the best part of that book was not whenever swords were being swung around, and I’m not fully confident television producers think the same way.